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Monday, March 8, 2021


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What’s Local: Kim’s Country Café

Cafe employee Elizabeth Olivares hands Country Cafe owner, Kim Troughton a customer order. (Staff Photo)

For eight years, Kim’s Country Café has served the community of Maxwell and travelers alike – cooking up homemade meals and daily specials the old fashioned way.

“I love to cook,” said owner Kim Troughton.

Prior to starting the Country Café, Kim worked at the Maxwell Market in the meat department.

“I was not happy with my current job,” said Troughton, “so my husband told me to do something about it, and that is when I decided to start my very own restaurant.”

With her reputation for quality and good eats, Kim opened ‘Kim’s Deli’ on Oak Street in Downtown Maxwell.

“I found a turnkey location, it was great,” said Troughton.

Four years after opening on Oak Street, Troughton expanded to a full Country Café a few blocks away, by relocating to a vacant restaurant space on Old Highway 99W.

Kim classifies her restaurant a ‘normal country café’ with a deli twist.

Serving a full breakfast at 5:30 AM, Kim says just about everything on the menu is a favorite – and the bacon, ‘it is off the chart’.

“The bacon here is the best,” said Cheri Azevedo, “It just tastes so good.”

Kim replied that her bacon is produced by a local private label provider and believes that the preparation and the bacon thickness is what gives the boost of flavor.

Looking for a cup of freshly brewed coffee without all the fluff? Kim’s Country Café offers that as well.

Kim’s Deli is a traveler’s delight for those on the I-5 corridor.

“We have had visitors from all around the world stop in for a meal,” said Troughton, “We had a biker group from China and visitors from London, New Zealand, Israel, and South Africa.”

“Many just want to come in and have a good American breakfast,” Troughton added.

To keep record of her memorable guests, Kim started a guest book.

A traveler’s delight, a local’s paradise.

Many of the items on the Country Café’s Menu include the local frequent favorites.

“We have several items on our menu that are named after our local customers and their favorites,” said Troughton, “including the WKD Joe.”

The WKD Joe is a delicious burger topped with pastrami and Swiss cheese.

Another customer favorite is the Redneck Tostada that includes bacon wrapped hotdogs topped with all the goodies.

In addition regular menu items, Kim’s Country Café has daily specials and soups that are made from scratch.

“Our tortilla soup is very famous,” said Kim, “it is so popular that we had to give it is own day.”

Kim’s Tortilla Soup is served weekly on Wednesdays.

Every Friday, Kim serves up her famous tacos.

Having a special place in the community, Kim’s Country Café has brought to life a particular opportunity with the help of an anonymous donor.

“During football season, an anonymous donor has made it possible for us to feed the entire varsity football team, each week, on Friday mornings,” said Troughton.

Kim resides in Maxwell with her husband Jesse where they raised three children. Kim also actively teaches cooking to the local 4-H group.

Kim’s Deli is located on Old Highway 99w in Maxwell, California and is open Monday through Friday, from 5:30 AM to 2:00 PM and on Saturdays from 5:30 AM to 1:00 PM. Closed Sunday.

Lunch is served at 11:00 AM daily.

In addition to the café, Kim also offers catering services.

For more information or to place an order to-go, call (530) 438-2288.

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