Sunday, March 7, 2021


County to Introduce Measures to Reduce Speed Limit in Princeton

After several months of battling with Caltrans, the Community of Princeton may get a handle on the recent speed limit increase along Highway 45.

“We are proposing a few possible measures to help reduce the speed along State Route 45 in Princeton,” said Colusa County Public Works Director, Scott Lanphier, “We are looking for input on the ideas we have developed.”

Lanphier said that his staff had worked to develop several distinctive ways to help reduce the speed limit through downtown Princeton. The project came to their attention after Caltrans projected an increase from 35 MPH to 45 MPH after its recent traffic study of the area.

“We have a few ideas that are unique and haven’t been done before,” said Lanphier, “These ideas will have to be approved by Cal Trans prior to them being implemented.”

District five supervisor, Denise Carter said that she was excited to see the ideas that the Public Works Department has developed and invites that the citizens of Princeton will attend and give their input.

Some of the proposed ideas include distinctive road markings, and other features to help reduce speed and increase awareness of pedestrian traffic.

Additionally Lanphier proposes the construction of two gateway signs at each end of the highway to help better define the town limits.

“The hope is that the combination of these projects will give a better visualization to drivers to decrease his/her speed when traveling through Princeton,” said Lanpher.

The Colusa County Department of Public Works will host a second public meeting in Princeton at the Jr/Sr High School Cafeteria on Thursday, March 19th starting at 6:00 PM.

“The public is invited to attend this meeting and discuss the proposals,” said Lanphier, “Caltrans representatives will not be in attendance.”

After the conclusion of the meeting, the County Department of Public Works will forward the proposed designs to Caltrans for comments and approval.

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