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City of Colusa Holds Sign Ordnance Workshop

On Thursday, April 16, 2015 about a dozen community members attended a City of Colusa workshop intended to gather information regarding local advertising sign complaints, and complements as the city works to update its 20-year-old ordnance.

“This is an opportunity for the community to discuss what they like and don’t like about the types of signs and the development of community character,” said Colusa City Planner, Bryan Stice who facilitated the meeting.

With signage being a staple to business success, Stice commented that it’s a very touchy subject, as the city doesn’t want to impair the creativity to market businesses, but to provide flexible and agreeable guidelines to improve the quality of life of citizens.

Community member and business owner, Viki Willoh commented that she and many other business owners had no idea that a sign permit was required and requested that the information be added to the business license application.

The group discussed the City of Colusa General Plan item for Community Character and Design. Several options were discussed such as sign types and design; however, the consensus of the group was the leave the options open and at the discretion of the administrative staff and permit process.

The group also discussed current regulations, current dislikes and likes of local signage and discussed the option of prohibited designs.

Some discussion included onsite advertising signs and offsite advertising signs. Offsite advertising signs are signs placed on public rights of way or private property advertising businesses at another location. Additionally the group discussed temporary signs and permanent signs.

“We should different considerations for those who have businesses in town, we want to be supportive, but we don’t necessary want outside businesses putting a sandwich board on every block,” said community member Donna Critchfield.

There was very little discussion regarding local businesses and ill-favored signs with many members of the group satisfied with the local business owners and their choice of signage.

Stice will take the information compiled from the workshop and present it to the Planning Council at the Wednesday, April 22, meeting; once a draft ordnance has been developed it will be submitted for Council approval.

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