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Monday, March 8, 2021


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Williams Youth Wrestling Ends Season in Celebration

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Wrestling, which originated in Greece, is the oldest competitive sport on record and made its Olympic debut in 708 BC. Forbes Magazine even wrote an article about wrestlers making the best employees because of the competitive nature, and many articles have articulated that high school wrestlers have the best chance at obtaining a college scholarship because many overlook the sport.

This year, Williams Youth Wrestling season is ending in celebration.

The youth wrestlers, ages 5-13, in Williams begin training three days a week, usually in October or early November. This year approximately 15-20 youth came out each week. They ran drill, after drill, after drill. They practiced agility, reaction, and pin moves for months straight. The best part is that the junior high and high school wrestlers would often stay to help the younger kids practice, building a real sense of team spirit.

This season, approximately seven of the youth wrestlers participated as a team in four local tournaments throughout the tri-county area with teams coming as far as Fort Bragg to compete.

The Williams youth wrestlers made a name for themselves. No tournament ended without a Williams youth wrestler taking home a medal, and in many cases a first place.

With this accomplishment the youth wrestling program is hoping to find more wrestlers show up for practice this fall, and hopefully raise enough money to purchase mats so the team can hold its own tournament.

Coach Dan Gable commented, “Wrestling teaches self-control and pride. Some have wrestled without great skill—none have wrestled without pride.”

The Williams Youth Wrestling invites you to be a part of a unique program with in Colusa county this fall!

Both boys and girls are welcome, kindergarten through sixth grade. Junior high and high school students should seek out the wrestling program through Williams Unified School District for more information.

If you questions about joining the team and would like to be notified when sign ups start in the fall or would like to make a donation towards the purchase tournament mats, please email williamsyouthwrestling@frontier.com.

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