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Growing Muscle at Colusa County Strength and Conditioning

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Just a few years ago, located in the back of the Body Shop Fitness Center in Colusa, Erica and Josh Elsenhut started their dream to get Colusa County in shape.

In January of 2014, the duo relocated to 1020 Main Street where they have grown their business into a center of health and fitness.

“Our goal is to spread the word about healthy living,” said Erica Elsenhut, “healthy living is good living.”

With substantial more space for their gym, Elsenhut hopes to expand services and opportunities.

“The new space has allowed us to think outside of the box,” said Elsenhut, “In the last year we have grown and been welcomed with open arms, and we are extremely grateful for the opportunity.”

Colusa County Strength and Conditioning is not your traditional gym. Forego the mirrors and fancy machines, and entertain the idea of a fitness class in a small group setting.

“We believe that athletes thrive in an environment where you can work side-by-side with their peers, encouraging them to keep moving in order to complete the workout,” said Elsenhut.

Offering different workouts for different needs, CCSC will do everything from squats, lunges, tire drags, tire flips, speed rope jumping, box jumps, power lifting, Olympic lifting, pull-ups, and much more.

“The biggest misconception about our gym is that people believe they have to be ‘in shape’ in order to be able to participate in on our classes,” said Elsenhut, “all of our workouts are scaled to the ability of the individual based on skill, age, or fitness level.”

CCSC offers a basics class, and recently started a running program for the beginner, intermediate or the professional.

“We are offering our running program for someone who is wanting to train for a 5K or is interested in running, jogging, or walking,” said Elsenhut, “This provides a great first step fitness program to train with a group.”

The Running program is starting soon, and anyone interested is requested to join by Saturday, May 9 to avoid missing any scheduled classes.

CCSC is also seeking to spread the word of healthy living to the youth of Colusa County with their Luchador Ambassadors.

What is a Luchador? Luchador is the Spanish word for the fighter, and CCSC carefully selected an ambassador from three area high schools to help spread the word about healthy living.

“Today’s teens seem to have an issue with healthy living,” said Elsenhut, “nay it be wrong food choices, low activity levels, or a lack of education of what healthy living is, our luchador will be there to help them with our guidance.”

Those selected to be the CCSC Luchador Ambassador’s were Anthony Bautista of Williams, Hailey Werre of Colusa, and Miguel Martinez Jr. of Arbuckle.

“Not only will the Luchador’s be an ambassador for healthy living, they will gain valuable knowledge in health, fitness and business,” said Elsenhut.

In addition to their fitness services, CCSC offers a retail center that stocks healthy snacks, and lifestyle apparel.

“We have items that have been carefully selected and they are items that we would personally recommend,” said Elsenhut, “We want to be more than just a gym.”

Over the next several weeks, CCSC will be offering an Olympic lifting class, programs for High School Students, Ladies Only Classes, and programs for children as young as 3-years-old.

“Our focus is to reach the entire community and to be a family friendly healthy living center,” said Elsenhut.

For more information about the 33 different services and programs offered by Colusa County Strength and Conditioning, stop by their location at 1023 Main Street in Colusa or call (530) 645-2272. Shop hours are Monday, Wednesday’s, and Fridays from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.<

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