Saturday, February 27, 2021

WATER WISE: Water Saving Tips

Submitted by the: UCCE Master Gardeners of Colusa County

Create Drought Resistant Soils

  • By incorporating 2-4 inches of compost into the soil you will increase the water and nutrient holding capacity of the soil. The compost acts like a sponge.
  • Compost also increases the activity and diversity of soil microorganisms.
  • When planting trees and shrubs do not mix compost or other amendments with the backfill dirt instead use the native soil. The roots do best with the native soil.
  • Top dressing compost around plants will reduce water needs but do not put the compost up to the plant base. Remember to ‚ÄúSpace the base‚ÄĚ.
  • Mulch all exposed soil to reduce evaporation with bark, leaf litter, straw or rocks. The mulch acts like an umbrella over the soil keeping it cool. Mulch also helps control weeds, water runoff and soil erosion.

Grow California or Mediterranean Native Plants

  • Grow natives that do well in our area. The Coastal Redwood tree is a California native but it does not do well in our area.
  • These plants thrive with little irrigation.
  • Planting in the fall allows the roots to grow with competition from the leaves. Think about a plan now so you can be ready by fall.
  • You will need to irrigate the plants until they are established.

Next week we will feature 3 more water-wise plants.

UCCE Colusa County Master Gardeners
The Master Gardeners of Colusa County can be contacted by: - Email us at - Call us at 530-458-0570 - Visit us at our plant clinics, farmers markets, Colusa County Fair and at other county events - Visit us at our office, 100 Sunrise Blvd., Ste. E, Colusa, Ca 95932, our office hours are, Tuesdays 9am to 12:00 and 1pm to 4:00

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