Saturday, March 6, 2021


Local Mushroom Sales to Benefit Local Non-Profits; New Distribution Site

05272015 - Mushroom Grant ExpandingFor the last few years, Premier Mushroom Inc. has offered grants to Colusa County non-profits by selling mushrooms at the Colusa Farmer’s Market.

This year the program will continue and hopefully expand.

The local mushrooms growers have partnered with Colusa restaurant owner Diane Shuman at Market Street Grill to sell the mushrooms weekly at the restaurant.

The fresh (picked that day) mushrooms will be available beginning at 9 a.m. on Thursday June 11 and will be available there each Thursday after that.

“We are hoping that we can extend our selling season to at least the holidays, said Premier Mushroom Inc. CEO John Ashbaugh.

Shuman commented that she is very excited about becoming a part of this program and agrees that a longer selling season would be a good idea.

“I know people use a lot of mushrooms during the holidays, so we want to offer the freshly picked mushrooms until at least the end of the year,” she said.

“Depending on the response to this venue, it is possible it will become a year around service,” said Ashbaugh.

The dollars generated by the mushroom sales have benefited some Colusa County non-profit groups over the past few years.

“We’d like to see this program not only continue, but grow,” said Ashbaugh.  “It has been a positive project and one we enjoy being able to provide,” he said.

“The Colusa County community has been good to us, and we enjoy being able to give back,” he added.

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