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Colusa Arts Council to Feature Jim Edwards & Steve MacDonald

On Thursday, June 11, 2015, the Colusa County Arts Council will host an artist reception featuring sculpture and photos by artists, Jim Edwards, and Steve MacDonald.

Jim Edwards, aka ‘Chicken Jim.’

“It all started with an infant slinging baby food from a high chair throughout the kitchen, bringing new meaning to the word texture,” said Edwards in his bio, “As I grew there were many art related stories: painting the cracks between the bathroom tiles with fingernail polish; drawing on the walls with lipstick; playing tic-tac-toe with mustard on the refrigerator door.”

Edwards commented that his father would bring home large cardboard boxes for his amusement.

“The artist inside me would immediately attack the cardboard – cutting, bending, coloring, forming spaceships, pirate ships, and forts,” said Edwards, “There was an artist fighting to make a name in the world!”

Through the years, Edwards became interested in many art forms.

“I enjoyed writing, painting, building, and music,” said Edwards, “I guess I found my true artistic niche after building a rather large dove cage for a friend and her children.”

Edwards told the story of an evening of watching and enjoying the cooing of the doves.

“My friends little girl looked up at me and asked, ‘Where are the birds going to sleep?’,” said Edwards, “The next day, I built quite a birdhouse and installed it inside the cage. Family, friends and neighbors all became interested.”

From that point, the talk of the dove dwelling spread and an artistic niche was formed.

“I began collecting old, unwanted pieces of wood,” said Edwards, “The Birdhouse man was born.”

Steve McDonald

“I had a passion for photography since I was a teenager when I got my first SLR camera,” said McDonald, “I have taken photographs of practically everything, but my favorite subjects have been found in nature.”

McDonald has a love for wildlife, landscapes, and any subject that has an abundance of color and affords him an opportunity to get outdoors.

“I was a junior high school science teacher for 34 years – until I retired in 2013,” said McDonald, “In retirement, my camera is always at my side and I spend the majority of my leisure time at local refuges capturing images of the wildlife and the many interesting landscapes that can be found there.”

McDonald ‘s artwork has been shown at the Snow Goose Festival and chosen for various posters and flyers.

“I am periodically requested to submit photos to various websites, magazines, and organizations that focus on the appreciation of nature in N. California,” said McDonald.

The public is invited to join Edwards and McDonald on Thursday, June 11, 2015 from 5Pm to 7PM at the Colusa County Arts Council Gallery, 430 Market Street, in Colusa for an artist reception and refreshments. There is no cost to attend the artist reception. <

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