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Year of the Colusa County Library What book inspired you?

Denise Carter

ironstone #6Colusa County Supervisor, Denise Carter, didn’t start to enjoy reading until she became a parent.

“It was always a struggle to read the required reading in school,” said Carter, “with the birth of our first child, Brian, I learned the importance of reading to young children.”

It was the tales of ‘Good Night Moon’, to ‘My Fathers Dragon’, and ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’, did reading spark something in her heart.

“Reading ‘Harry Potter’ aloud with my children was so much fun together,” said Carter.

As Carters children read their way through school, Carter reminisced many of the titles.

“I read many of the books they read in High School as well and since I didn’t remember reading them, it was about time,” said Carter.

Today, Carter enjoys reading books by Robert Ludlum, and Tom Clancy.
“I enjoy fast paced, mystery fiction,” said Carter.

“I learned from my kids the pleasure of reading and today, I enjoy disengaging from the day and relaxing before bed with a good fiction book, particularly mystery,” said Carter, “Right now I am reading the Maisie Dobbs series, by Jacqueline Winspear.” ■

Bethany Rasmussen

ironstone #5For Bethany Rasmussen, books have always been a part of her life and have helped developed her imagination all while shredding light in her darkest of times.

“I don’t have just one book that I can say, truthfully, that has made an impact on my life; I have hundreds,” said Rasmussen, who is currently reading and trying to keep up with 13 different book series.

Ever since she could remember, Rasmussen recalled speed reading to her class in third grade and reading three to four “Goosebumps” books in a day.

“My parents would leave me alone and read my books,” said Rasmussen, “They said it made my imagination go crazy, and my brain grow stronger.”

At one point in Rasmussen’s life, books were her guiding light.

“Books were all that I had – the stories helped to pull me from the darkness that I have placed myself in,” said Rasmussen, “they made me feel like I could really do something with my life and the will to turn everything around.”

For Rasmussen, books are a safe place and provide comfort after stressful days.

“They can provide laughter when I need it most, and provide an escape from reality to a vividly, realistic fantasy world,” said Rasmussen, “and to a place where I call the characters in the books ‘my friends’ – they have been there with me through everything.”

When a new book comes out in one of the many series Rasmussen cannot wait to see what world awaits her at the turn of each page.
“I could not be where I am today without books,” said Rasmussen. ■

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