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Opinion: July Fourth

We celebrate our birthday on the fourth of July; happy birthday to you and me. This is the day our country declared itself a nation oh so many years ago. There weren’t near as many of us then as there is now. My, how we’ve grown over the years, we’ve expanded from those handful of colonies to fifty states andeginning, we had to kick ol’ King George out and set up some kind of government, but we did it. Then we pushed out and started expanding, we needed room, because we were growing.

We took in anyone who wanted to make a better life for themselves and their families. They asked to come in and agreed to do the best that they could do when they got here, so we said “come on in, take your place”. It wasn’t easy but we managed, we managed because we worked together. We continued to grow.

We’ve had a lot of struggles over the years, and we still do, yet we keep growing. This birthday we are celebrating, on the fourth, is in recognition of “us”. It is a day we have set aside so we can be together, doing anything we desire. We may not think about the past struggles or consider the events on this day long ago that has set all of this into motion; we may just have the day for quiet solitude. That is what makes this day so special, for it is our day of celebration and we share it with no one else in the world.

You may gather with family and friends for an outing at the lake or the park, or just stay home and read a book or take a nap; it is your choice to make. There will be celebrations organized at various locations complete with fireworks and patriotic music; it will be a day of regalia and celebration. I tend to get caught up in the spirit of the day joining in with spirit of patriotism and celebrating the fact that I’m American and proud of it.

It is a day to look at the ‘stars and stripes’ waving proudly in the sky and say out loud, “that is my flag, my country; I’m part of the greatest nation in the world!” It will always be a struggle to keep us strong and free, but together we can endure the struggle and prevail, just as we have done so for so many years.

Take your day on the fourth, celebrate it as you will, you have earned that right. Celebrate “us”, with pride and honor.

BY: Barney Fitzpatrick,  Colusa

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