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VA Hearing Aids

I often receive inquiries regarding hearing aids. The first step in determining eligibility for hearing aids is meeting enrollment for VA health care. If a veteran is not using VA health care, I will initiate the enrollment process to verify the veteran meets VA health care eligibility. If they are enrolled and are using VA health care, veterans may be eligible to receive aids (eyeglasses and hearing aids) as authorized under 38 CFR 17.149, which reads as follows:

“VA will furnish needed sensori-neural aids (i.e., eyeglasses, contact lenses, hearing aids) to the following veterans: those with a compensable service connected disability; those who are former prisoners of war; those awarded a Purple Heart; those in receipt of increased pension based on the need for regular aid and attendance or by reason of being permanently housebound; those who have a visual or hearing impairment that resulted from the existence of another medical condition for which the veteran is receiving VA care, or which resulted from treatment of that medical condition; those with a significant functional or cognitive impairment evidenced by deficiencies in activities of daily living, but not including normally occurring visual or hearing impairments; and those visually or hearing impaired so severely that the provision of sensori-neural aids is necessary to permit active participation in their own medical treatment.”

Even though glasses and hearing aids may be provided at no charge, co-pay may be required. Audiology is a specialty clinic and has $50 dollar co-pay for some services. There is no co-pay for the devices or the batteries, nor is there any charge for visits for the purpose of adjusting, repairing or modifying hearing aids.

You may be asking what about veterans who don’t meet health care eligibility? Depending on your military occupation and military records, we can file a claim for service-connected disability for hearing loss and/or tinnitus (ringing in the ears). If the VA approves your claim, you are then eligible for health care, and then subsequently, can apply for hearing aids.

Remember, the Colusa County Veteran Services office is here to serve veterans and their dependents. I can complete the DMV Veteran Status Verification Form for the new California Veteran Designation on your driver’s license. There are many state and federal benefits available to veterans and their dependents that they have earned. To find out if you are eligible for any of these benefits, visit or call our office.  I can and will assist you in completing all required application forms.  You can get information on the Web from the Colusa County Veterans Service Office webpage at

Don Parsons retired Army is the Asst. Veterans Service Officer for Colusa County. Send your questions to the Veterans Service Office, 251 E. Webster St. Colusa, Ca 95932, email    or call (530)458-0388.

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