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Letters to the Editor: June 8, 2016

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I would like to have a thank you letter published in the Williams Pioneer Review. We enjoy your paper and its delivered on my porch. I thank you for that.

My husband Robert is a veteran and has been having hearing problems. We went to see Don Parsons, the Assistant Veterans Service Officer of Colusa County, for help in getting hearing aids from the VA.

I was so very impressed, Don is a veteran, this is a plus, he understands veterans, because he is one.

We got an appointment down in Sacramento near the Arden area. At the age of 86, I didn’t feel like driving to Sacramento and back, and I asked don if he knew about any transportation to Sacramento and back. Don told me he would drive us to the appointment and back. The appointment went very well. My husband, Bob, has 40% hearing loss. It is so nice to have a man in that office that has been through the service.

My husband and don spent time talking about the service and he answered questions. Don is very knowledgeable, and helpful. I wear hearing aids and I know how much it has helped me.

That is why we both enjoy Colusa, so many people who care and help.

Thank You,

Phyllis Spiller

Colusa, CA

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Dear Editor,

On Thursday, June 26, 2016, Penny and I were returning from a doctor’s appointment in Woodland when we received a phone call from our son Bill. He said that there had been a fire and the garage between our two houses had burned down. My first thought was which one of the houses went with it. He quickly told us both houses were okay thanks to the quick actions of our friends, neighbors, and passing motorists and most of all the quick response of the Maxwell, Williams, and Colusa fire departments — Volunteers all.

It was while I was reporting the fire to my insurance agent that I realized out under-appreciated volunteer firemen are. I was telling him ow quickly the firemen arrived when he interrupted me with: “you say these are volunteers, that is hard to believe”. Well, i told him that in Colusa County the volunteer firemen are fiercely proud of their record of quickly getting to and putting out fires and with their Mutual Aid program they are equal to the best firefighting groups in existence.

Penny and I, along with our son Bill and his wife Stephanie and their kids, were able to eat dinner that night at our own tables and go to sleep in our own beds thanks to some of the good people of Colusa County — thank you so very much!

David Dennis

Maxwell, CA

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Dear Editor,

Another Pioneer Day has come and gone and I would like to thank all those who worked so hard for months to make it a success.

Thank you to all the members of Citizens for a Better Williams, Williams Public works and the Williams Police Department who worked so hard to pull off the day’s events.  It was months of preparation and coordination leading up to the big Day.

A special thank you goes out to CBW members Marilou Molina, Dolores Pence and Public Works members, Pete Garcia, and Bobby Alvernaz.  You worked very hard behind the scenes and we owe you big time! Andi Armstrong as always did a great job on logistics, Selene Tapia and Kathleen Bautista made sure all the grand marshals were where they should be, and a big thank you to Shadinger’s Arbuckle Ranch for taking time out of a busy harvest season and providing not only the truck and the hay but Brian, the driver also. Thank you one and all.

To all the members who got up at the crack of dawn to put out all the flags, and those who endured the heat to take them down, you’re the best!

Also, thank you Bruce Rolen for being our MC of choice and a special thank you to the judges; Jane Christy, Diane Manna, Jamie Christy Leonard, Sara Kaba and Mary Bettencourt . Everyone did an outstanding job!

Last but not ever least, thanks to our float participants for having the most fun! You never disappoint!

A perfect ending to the day was provided by Morningstar Packing with an over the top fireworks display, and last but never least, our hometown paper, The Williams Pioneer Review who always gives us great coverage. Thank you Lloyd!

Now, it’s on to Concerts in the Park!

Pat Ash, CBW President

Williams, CA

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