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Severson Named Assistant Superintendent of Schools

PHOTO - Severson Named Assistant Superintendent of Schools

Dr. David L. Severson (Dr. Dave) joined the Colusa County Office of Education (CCOE) administrative staff on January 21.

Severson will serve as Assistant Superintendent; Administrative Support to Student Support Services, and will be located at the CCOE’s Education Village campus in Williams.

Primarily Severson will be heading up the William S. Abel Community School, but he will also lead adult education/second languages components, inmate education, career technical education and ROP classes.

Under the direction of the CCOE Superintendent Michael West Severson will plan, organize and direct the activities, services, operations, and functions of the instructional and support programs of the Student Support Services department.

“We are beyond blessed to have Dr. Severson join our Colusa County staff,” said West.

Severson comes to the post with an impressive number of credentials and degrees.

West also has a firsthand knowledge of Severson’s teaching skills. – He was a former student of Severson’s at Brandman University.

Severson most recently served as Interim Superintendent of Golden Feather School District. Previously he was Superintendent/Principal at Bangor Union School District. Since 1999, he has been an adjunct faculty member at Brandman University.

Additionally, he is the author of five books presented by Proficiency Publishers, Figure It Out Faster with the Twelve Bridges to Meaning, a book to help junior high students more quickly understand what they are reading, Figure It Out Faster: A Writer’s Guide to the Twelve Bridges to Meaning, a book to help junior high students understand how to more logically set up a writing assignment, Figure It Out Faster with the Twelve Bridges to Meaning: a Teacher’s Guide,  and Author! Write it.  Print it.  Sell it, a workbook for aspiring authors who plan to self-publish, and John Dewey’s Essentials for Democracy and Education, a condensed text of a classic book on educational philosophy, but a tough book to read in the original version.  The Dewey book is also available on Kindle, as well as an adult writer’s guide called Write Your Book and Self-Publish Today.

His first day on the job in Williams, Severson said he was excited to work with the students here. “I had an opportunity to visit with some of the students today, and I see so much potential,” he said.

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