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Local volunteer gives her all for cats in need

IMG_7885Following a successful career in water dowsing, Pamela Berkland, of Williams, devotes her time, resources and energy to the Colusa County SPCA’s (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) Cat Rescue Program at the Williams Animal Clinic.

On a daily basis, Berkland maintains a clean environment for the felines and provides attention, water, food and medical care. She also arranges adoptions of the eligible cats to loving homes.

Nearly 60 fully grown cats peacefully share most of the space, while 25 kittens reside in a designated nursery where they receive extra attention from a local volunteer, Marlene Simunic.

“Marlene is my miracle! I didn’t end up winning the PowerBall Lottery, so it’s her,” said Berkland, “She takes such good care of my babies.”

In addition to the indoor facility, the animals have access to a large backyard at the facility that Berkland hopes to renovate with funds she is collecting with her Gofundme.com fundraiser on the internet.

“I am an animal lover. I have always tried to help feral cats,” said Berkland, “My Grandmother raised me right, and it’s good for my soul.”

Drawing on assistance and support from the local community has resulted in positive outcomes.

“The pest control company I use at home, quickly and generously donated their services,” said Berkland, “ twice a year they give their services. I am very grateful to Tyler Swanson, at Northern Pest Control.”

When asked about what energizes and inspires her to continue, Berkland replied, “On weekends, after about 5 hours of work, I just stand still and listen.  There isn’t a sound to be heard, just peace. Their bellies are full, and the environment is clean.  Everyone is content. It’s then that I know I’ve made a difference.”

Berkland stated that donations from the community of used towels, sheets, blankets and newspapers are invaluable and can be dropped off at Williams Animal Clinic, located at 245 7th Street, in Williams.

She also welcomes interested animal lovers who wish to volunteer, and who can follow directions well, to contact her at the clinic weekday mornings.

“Each week I collect the money donated through the SPCA Colusa County donation boxes to pay for food and the supplies we need.  Those donation boxes make a huge difference,” Berkland added.

The donation boxes can be found at participating businesses in the community of Williams.

Donations can also be paid through the organizations GoFundMe account, https://www.gofundme.com/sgtdwdu4

Funds collected will help pay for food, bedding, and supplies needed to provide shelter for these cats who are often abandoned, homeless, or who have serious medical needs.

“I donate thousands of hours of my time, which is precious, to this cause. I do it for the kitties,” Berkland stated.

She hopes that local animal lovers, who may not have known about the critical needs of Williams, Ca. SPCA Colusa County, will spread the word and support the cause.

For more information about the SPCA, Colusa County call the Williams Animal Clinic at (530) 473-2352.

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