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Celebrating Valentines Day

2016 Valentines Day Couples 5Sheila Christensen and Ken Lorenzini

Ken proposed to Sheila on a Christmas morning in 2014, and she accepted on the spot.

The path to pre-wedded bliss began in high school when they dated. After graduation, they went out into the world and parted separate ways.

“When crises happened, it brought us back together as friends. That friendship brought us back together and led us to where we are now,” said Sheila.

Sheila is looking forward to being able to spend each day with her best friend.

“Basically, that’s it, we have so much in common, and we have so much fun together,” Ken added, “I am looking forward to more experiences together.”

Valentine’s Day plans include a restful weekend for a change of pace the couple commented. They said that they will probably be watching PBR (Professional Bull Riding) and have a home cooked meal together.

Sheila recently joined Intero Realty in Yuba City, their Client Care Coordinator. Ken works at Bar Ale in Williams.

This couple plans a spring wedding and making their home together in Colusa.



2016 Valentines Day Couples 2Lisa and Shane Miller
Married 2 years

Lisa and Shane Miller share many things. They live in Colusa and have two sons, a daughter, and a dog named Stanley.

Married in an intimate ceremony at a friend’s home in November 2014, they began as strangers who met at a mutual friend’s house. The couple became friends initially, and it developed slowly into a deep friendship.

“It took a while, to know that we were going to be together, and we started out as friends. I think that’s why it has worked out so well,” Shane explained.

They give a great deal of to having a lots in common with each other.

“It goes back to what I said when we first started hanging out it wasn’t necessarily that we were going to be together as boyfriend and girlfriend. We were friends, and we had a lot in common and the same interests and I think that laid a great foundation for what we have and for moving forward,” Shane said.

When asked about their plans for celebrating on the 14th of February, Lisa deferred to Shane, who announced, “That’s one of the things I love about Lisa.  You don’t necessarily have to have plans and forecast the future, but, we’re more spontaneous, and as Valentine’s Day gets closer, I think we’ll play it by ear and go with that.

Lisa shared a Valentine’s Day memory.

“There was this Valentine’s Day when I had to work. When I came home, he had the kids in bed and rose petals leading me to the bathroom. He bought me a tub pillow, bath salts, and there were even champagne and strawberries. He even wrote me a special note. That was two years ago and was one of the greatest things I’ve experienced,” she said.

Lisa works at Rocco’s Bar & Grill in Colusa and Shane is with Sun Valley Rice in Arbuckle.


Tina Acosta and Gary Felkins
2016 Valentines Day Couples 3Married 6 years

Tina tells a story that began in Williams when Gary’s Uncle, Bill Pennington, a neighbor of her family introduced them.

A then fifteen-year-old Tina accepted a date with Gary, and that started the relationship.

“Soon, family pressure about our three year age difference broke us up. I remember Gary telling me that when I turned 18, he would come back to me.” Tina commented.

Every ten years, Tina would hear from Gary, but she was committed to her daughter and other things.

“My daughter created a MySpace account for me and on the very first day it was up, Gary messaged me and asked if I remembered him. Of course, I did. I told him he was the man with an “Uncle Dave,” of the enduring Auction Yard Restaurant fame,” Tina said, “Gary spent lots of time with his Uncles and was often quoting something they would say. Since then, mentioning “Uncle Dave” has been a cute running joke throughout our marriage.”

This time, around Tina, was old enough to appreciate what was shared.

“It’s like you finally get what love is, and we knew we had unfinished business to attend to,” she wistfully stated, “If I hadn’t gone out on my own and found out things for myself, I wouldn’t have the expectation of the kind of love that we have.  Now we’re “grown-ups” in love, and it turns out to be different than when we were teens.”

The couple’s plans for Valentine’s Day are simple.

“Dinner at the casino, a little gambling, and then we walk out happy and together,” Tina concluded.

Tina works as a Psychic Medium. Gary works as a Transportation Specialist at SaveMart and together, they manage the family’s farm in Williams.


2016 Valentines Day Couples 6Marie and Jeff Critchfield
Married 25 years 

Jeff and Marie met at Colusa High School and became friends.

“I thought he was so great that I tried to set him up with one or two of my friends,” Marie recalled, “Thank goodness that didn’t work out.”

Jeff and Marie later reconnected during a party after high school.

“We dated for three and a half years, and then we were an engaged for a year and the married in August 1991,” Marie explained.

Marie commented that the couples resilience is always seeing eye to eye.

“The strength of our marriage comes from always staying on the same page, especially when it comes to raising our kids. We always put each other first. Other things that worked for us were having patience, honoring our faith and our commitment to each other,” Marie commented, “When those things are hard to practice, we always remember the reasons we fell in love in the beginning, and that brings us back to center.”

Jeff added, “Keeping it simple works and keeps us together. It’s all about faith and family.”

She reports that plans for Valentine’s Day included having brunch with their daughter and a quiet day at home. Their son is off at college.

Marie is Owner/Operator of her Salon, Wild Hair in Colusa. Jeff is employed by Recology: Butte Colusa Counties.


2016 Valentines Day Couples 4Linda and Steve Bowers
Married 25 years.

Linda and Steve Bowers recently renewed their vows at their home in Colusa, Ca.

“All of our friends came out and celebrated with us,” Linda said, “It was a blast.”

The sports themed event was outside the means of a tradition for this spirited fun couple.

Linda commented that it was quite the feature when they first married.

“We were supposed to get married in Reno the weekend after Valentine’s Day. It was the only time Steve could get off work at the time.” Linda said, “but it was snowing, and we had to change plans. We went to Fort Bragg instead.”

Nearly three weeks after their first attempt the couple was able to successfully make the trip to Reno where they were married.

“We celebrate our anniversary in Fort Bragg each year, or take a trip to Reno,” said Bowers, “it’s a tradition now.”

The couple loves spending time in Fort Bragg each chance they get.

“I look forward to traveling and going to the coast when we finally retire,” Linda commented.

With Linda working for Richie’s Flowers and Steve works for Redding Oil, they often don’t get to spend a normal Valentine’s day.

“On Valentine’s Day, I usually work so we usually celebrate it the next day or the following weekend,” Linda said.


2016 Valentines Day Couples 8Sharon and Tom Reische
Married for 36 years.

Sharon and Thomas Reische recently celebrated 36 years married while on vacation with a local group of friends in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Sharon and Thomas while attending Sutter High School and continued their relationship while they attended college. In 1977, they became engaged and married three years later.

The couple has three sons and one grandchild and reside in Colusa.

Sharon and Tom feel that perseverance has been the secret to their 36-year union.

Tom stated, “When you love each other in the beginning, you just keep it going on.”

Sharon elaborated about perseverance and said, “When the going gets tough, you don’t give up. You stick it out, and you work things out.”

Thomas added that they share a love for amusement parks and make sure that they visit a new park and try to stay current on the popular rides.

Thomas and Sharon have no plans for Valentine’s Day, but that is normal.

The fourth of July is a very special date in their lives. It is the anniversary of their first date, engagement and also the day that Sharon will retire from her 30-year career with the Colusa County District Attorney’s Office.

Thomas is the Owner of Messick’s Hardware in Colusa, and serves as a city council member for the City of Colusa and selected as City Mayor.


2016 Valentines Day Couples 1Kathy and Buck Squier
Married 42 years

Kathy likes to tell people the story of her marriage by saying, “I married my sister’s boyfriend and then spent my wedding night with my sisters.”

She explains the eyebrow-raising comment, “Buck, dated Kathy’s older sister for a time but when he went into the Navy after graduation – she left and met someone else.”

Kathy explains, “He wrote to my mother, but she didn’t have the time and passed the duty on to me. We corresponded for years and got to know each other quite well. Eventually, he proposed and asked my father for my hand in marriage.”

Having been a bachelor for years, Kathy commented that Buck was nervous about marrying so when the time was right, the couple decided to elope in Reno.

“Before the wedding night could commence, we learned that the road home would be closed due to snow, and we had to leave immediately or be stuck in Reno,” said Kathy, “We made it back and ended up spending the night with two of my sisters, sitting up and chatting.”

When asked the secret to their long marriage, Kathy joked, “We’re just too poor to get a divorce.”

She then replied, “No matter what happens, we know we love each other, even if it is rough. We both feel it is important to make up after a disagreement and we don’t ever skip that part.”

The plan for Valentine’s Day is a surprise every year that Buck plans and delights in making all the arrangements. Kathy stated that she always orders special flowers for her husband.

Kathy and Buck reside in Princeton and have two children and three grandchildren.


2016 Valentines Day Couples 7Ginger and Delton Nannan
Married 61 years

Ginger and Delton Nannen reside in Colusa and will celebrate 62 years of marriage in May.

Ginger recalled the day she met her husband.

“We each lived in small towns about 15-miles apart and met in high school. I got to know him after asking for a ride to a basketball game nearby,” she said, “I remember telling his sister that I would sure like to have a date with that guy.”

Soon after making that statement, Her future sister-in-law arranged a time, and that was the start.

Ginger said that their marriage has been strengthened by doing things together over the years.

“Delton and I are best friends, and we enjoy each other’s company and work well together,” she Said.

Ginger commented that she has not been informed of their plans for Valentine’s Day. However, she said, “I have no idea. He always comes up with something.”

Both husband and wife have been enjoying their retirement lifestyle for the past 30 years.

“We enjoy traveling together in our motorhome and have visited every state except Hawaii,” said Ginger.

Their travels have also taken them to Canada and Nova Scotia.

Ginger retired from the Colusa County Department of Health and Delton retired from law enforcement.

Lloyd Green Jr, Editor
Lloyd Green Jr, Editor
Lloyd Green Jr. is the Owner and Publisher of the Williams Pioneer Review. He is dedicated in publishing the news and informing the community of Colusa County. Lloyd has been with the publication since 2008, and purchased the business in 2010. Under his ownership the newspaper has grown significantly in subscriptions, publishes weekly, and obtained the title of Newspaper of General Circulation by the Superior Court of Colusa County in Sept. 2017. Lloyd is also the director of advertising, classified manager, legal notice clerk, and circulation manager. To contact Lloyd, email him at or call (530) 458-4141 ext. 100.

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