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Birthday Wish: “Have a police officer show up to your class party”

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When you’re celebrating your sixth birthday, and you want to be a police officer, you’ll be a police officer.

The birthday girl, six-year-old, Sash Ropers, celebrated her birthday wearing a police costume and a surprise visit.

“Our daughter came home one day saying that she wanted to be a police officer,” said Lyndsey Ropers, “and when we asked what she wanted for her birthday she said that she wanted to have a police officer party, wear a police officer outfit and have an officer attend her class party.”

To make their daughters dream come true, father, Matt Ropers a Colusa Firefighter took to the Colusa Police Department asking for assistance.

“After a few phone calls we learned that Officer Salazar was on duty that day and was excited when Matt asked her if she can surprise the kids in our daughter’s class for her birthday,” said Ropers.

On the day of the party, Officer Salazar arrived with a special gift for Sash and her classmates.

“When Officer Salazar arrived, the kids were so excited,” said Ropers, “she explained what she does and explained all of the tools on her duty belt. The kids had lots of questions for her. It was a lot of fun!”

Photos submitted by Lyndsey Ropers

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