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Colusa Lions Easter Tradition

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“We’ve got this process down to science,” said Colusa Lions Club member, Larry Yeghoian as several batches of eggs were lowered into six large pots of boiling water, vinegar and food coloring.

About 2,700 eggs were dyed in various hues of blue, green, pink, yellow, red and orange, for the Colusa Lions Club annual Easter egg hunt.

“I have been a member for almost 50 years, and we’ve been doing it this way for many of years,” said Bob Woodring.

Woodring recalled the time when a Rotary member owned the Colusa Linen and Laundry, and the eggs were cooked in the washing machines.

“There was a horrible mess one year, someone mistakenly turned on the machine, and we had one large omelet on our hands,” said Woodring.

Today, the process is more homestyle – but in a big way.

Eggs are purchased by the organization and members bring propane cooktops to aid in the cooking process. Five-gallon pots are then boiled and the eggs lowered into the water using baskets fashioned from wire.

After the cooking process, the eggs are then cooled and loaded back into their trays and into the refrigerator.

The official egg tester, Barney Gonzales was absent this year due to an unexpected illness.

“We are missing Barney today, said Yeghoian, “He has been the egg tester for over 50 years.”

Yeghoian commented that Barney even has a special spoon for the tasting occasion.

Let the hunt begin.

“We have several hundred children come out the day of the hunt,” said Lions Club Member, John Smart, “We separate the children into the two groups and then sound the start. It’s all over in about 15 minutes.”

The two groups include children aged pre-kindergarten to age five, and then children in the first grade to third grade.

Smart reminisced about attending as a child, “60 years ago, there used to be a golden egg and a silver egg. The person who found the golden egg received a bunny rabbit and the one who found the silver egg, received a baby chicken. One year the golden egg was right under me, and another kid picked it up.”

Today, there are two golden eggs. The lucky child to find one of the golden eggs wins an Easter basket full of goodies.

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