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Kids World Gets Boost at Colusa County Fair

Action packed and quadrupled in size; The 2016 Colusa County Fair’s “Kid’s World” promises to delight not only the children but certainly their parents as well said Colusa County Fair CEO Jonathan Howard.

“Not only is it a great place to entertain the kids at the fair, it is designed as a great place for parents to sit back, relax and enjoy time with their kids,” said Howard.

Howard has also added a new Kid’s World Stage that will host some great family entertainment such as Kristen and Doug with circus skills, clowning, acrobatics, and More!

The ever-popular Flo the Clown is heading back to Colusa for the Fair June 9-12.

“Flo will be heading up the activities in Kid’s World,” said Howard.

Once again the attraction will be by the first-aid station and the checkered cul-de-sac area of the fairgrounds.

There are also newly added attractions to the Kids World area like Freddie Prez.

Prez offers up to eight separate attractions each day, performed usually only one time each during any given day.

Prez came up with this idea especially for smaller fairs. “There are so many fairs where the patrons come out most of the days of the fair, and if I were to just perform one act three times each day, it wouldn’t take long for everyone to get bored,” said Prez.

Some of his programs include; The Great Toilet Paper Blowout, Bingo Bingo!, The Kids Cash Scramble, Can You Karaoke?, The Launching Lunacy Show, The Dance Central Video Contest, The Golden Years Music Game, The SpongeBob Trivia Contest, The Golden Years Music Game, Plumbers Gone Bad, The SpongeBob Trivia Contest, The Splat Attack and The Fast Fingers Texting Contest.

Other new events going on in Kid’s World will be the addition of extremely entertaining pig races and kids tractor pulls.

Of course the ever popular food eating contest will return this year

“We are really excited about the additions we have made to Kid’s World,” said Howard, “ and everyone loves Flo, so it is especially great to have her coming back,” he said.

For more information on Kid’s World or any other Colusa County Fair attractions please visit or call the fair office at (530) 458-2641.

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