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Spring Fun Run a Success

Despite high winds, 40 runners participated in the 2016 Spring Fun Run at Williams High School, Saturday, April 30, 2016.

The event bi-annually supports and fund-raises items needed for Williams High School Students. Proceeds from Saturday’s event will be budgeted towards the purchase of a bulletin board for the Williams High School Breezeway and to pay for the entry fees for the schools running club.

“In the past we have raised funds for our new gym sound system, a new scoreboard and this year we are fundraising for a fitness board that will be installed in the hallway,” said event coordinator Cindy Gobel, “Its wonderful to see the kids and the community come out and support the school and support physical fitness.”

Below is the time results for the participants of the 2016 event.

Gobel commented that participant, Jordan Cano had an impressive time at 21:07 for the 5K event.

1 Mile Run

9:09 Jordan McPeek

9:11 Quin Stephens

Chaperon: Tom Stephens (did both races)

Walker: Melissa Burnett

Walker: JoAnne Burnett

5K  Relay

Daniela Plaza & Daniel Corpus

5K Run

21:07 Jordan Cano

21:54 Julio Corpus

22:59 Diego Jauregui

23:49 Patrick O’Quelly

23:54 Krishan Patel

25:26 Ed Conrado

26:23 Jackie Rivera

26:23 Victoria Stickney

26:39 Laura Rivera

27:13 Jasmin Rodriguez

28:27 Cassandra Vargas

28:47 Juan Melesio

31:15 Daniel Davalos

31:35 Daniel Hernandez

31:36 Quin Stephens

32:28 Tom Stephens

32:28 Rebekah McPeek

34:08 Michelle Lemus

34:24 Luis Alcaraz

34:29 Cesar Lopez

35:09 Mario Melesio

35:09 Diego Loza

35:19 Ramon Miranda

35:33 Skylar Wynant

36:12 Jasmine Arreola

36:14 Ana Rios

36:15 Manuela Sierra

36:20 Matthew Bautista

36:42 Barbara Nolan

41:10 Parth Patel

42:09 Angela Stephens

42:57 Myranda Oviedo

45:10 Jeanette Pina

45:11 Mary Green

47:53 Manny Cardoza

51:14 Kristen Simmons

51:14 Ron Simmons

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