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Local Newspaper Earns Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year

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An ambitious entrepreneur, Lloyd Green Jr. started his endeavors by opening a small graphics and website design firm in Colusa, right out of high school.

“I remember filing for my business license in 2004 just before I received my diploma,” said Green.

The aspiring businessman caught the attention of a then local news reporter, Kathy Craigo.

“When I was asked to present this year’s Business of the Year Award, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. I have watched Lloyd grow from an ambitious youngster into a dedicated businessman. He has accomplished many things here in Colusa County,” said Craigo.

The Williams Pioneer Review published its first edition in 2008 and in August 2010, Green purchased the publication.

“Back then it id what we in the ‘biz’ would call a ‘good news’ paper. Today it has grown into a journalistic product that covers both hard news and good news,” said Craigo, “The Williams Pioneer Review has developed into a once weekly paper that keeps the county informed.”

Until this year, the Williams Pioneer Review has been a one man operation.

“Lloyd did the news coverage, ad sales, writing, layout/design, and producing it on his own,” said Craigo, “He even has been his own delivery person. He more than burns the midnight oil, and it’s not uncommon to see him a little sleep deprived, but he works until he gets the job done.”

Green was presented with a Certificate of Recognition from the California Legislature Assembly in being named the Colusa County Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year for 2016. Assemblyman James Gallagher presented the certificate to Green.

“On the behalf of myself, and my colleges in the State Legislature, Assemblymember Bill Dodd, and Senator Jim Nielsen we want to recognize your accomplishment as the business of the year,” said Assemblyman Gallagher.

Assemblyman Gallagher added, “I am going to out on a limb here, I think I have my history right, but there was once a newspaper man, and flood control advocate here in Colusa by the in the name of Will Green – there is a new Green in town. Those are some big shoes to fill, and it sounds like you are already on your way.”

“Lloyd, thank you for all that you do in the community, it is so important that we have our local newspapers. We’ve seen the media become more and more corporate, and having these local newspapers is so important to our communities,” said Assemblyman Gallagher, “and thank you for the service that you provide to our community and all that you have done.”

Although Green is not related to the late Will S. Green, he commented that they share the same ambitions and drive.

“I am a very goal oriented person, and once I set a goal I find a way to meet that goal,” said Green, “I have read his history and some of his writings, and I find some of our thoughts strikingly similar.”

Green said that journalism and the news media was never planned for his future.

“This opportunity fell into my lap. I was helping the former owner of the publication when it came up for sale. I thought it was a great product, so we worked out a deal – I had no idea what I was doing or what I’ve gotten myself into,” said Green.

After months of trying to develop a plan for the publication; a vision was born.

“I was forced to close my first business in 2011 after the economy took a dive; I still held onto the paper – I had to do something with it,” said Green.

After facing a family tragedy, Green went full speed ahead.

“My brother was killed in a vehicle accident in 2012, and I unknowingly used the newspaper as an outlet for my grief. I was able to bury myself in my research, work, and tried to learn as much about the newspaper business as possible, – just so I didn’t have to deal with my personal life,” said Green, “I wanted to turn something very negative in my life into something positive.”

In 2014, Green began publishing the Williams Pioneer Review – weekly.

“My family thought I was crazy; It was an obscene amount of work, but I did it for the love of the community. I had to give back to a community that offers so much,” said Green.

During his acceptance speech, Green expressed his appreciation and gratitude.

“I want to thank the readers who’ve taken the time to read the paper each week, and to the subscribers who have put their trust and support in me to provide a newspaper worthy of delivery to their doors, and to my advertisers – who without them, my efforts would not be possible,” said Green.

Green extended his gratitude to his family who has supported all of his endeavors and provided encouragement.

“My mission is to bring meaning to the lives of Colusa County residents who are interested in all things local. Newspapers are the first draft o history, and I want to convey the Colusa County experience through an informative and viable community newspaper,” said Green, “This is truly a great honor and I look forward to many years to come.”

The Williams Pioneer Review is distributed at no charge at over 100 drop locations throughout the county; additionally, home delivery and mail delivery of the newspaper is available by subscription. The Williams Pioneer Review can be found on-line at and is available on Apple and Android mobile devices. Servicing the communities of Arbuckle, Colusa, Maxwell, Grimes, Princeton, Stonyford, and Williams, the Williams Pioneer Review is located at 430 Market Street, STE E in Colusa, and can be reached by phone at (530) 458-4141.

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