Monday, May 17, 2021



Arbuckle Fire Buy-a-Brick Fundraiser Extended

As part of the fundraising effort for the visual improvements of its firehouse, the Arbuckle/College City Fire Department continues to sell engraved paving bricks.

“Utilizing reserved funds allocated to capital improvement projects, the Arbuckle/College City District and its Board of Directors have created a multiphase construction schedule to improve our facade and improve our site to meet current building codes,” said Kristy Santucci, Arbuckle/College City Fire Departments Office Manager.

For the last several weeks, the fire department has made significant progress with the front facade, and the public parking lot.

“As a pillar of our community, we have stressed a high emphasis on continuing Downtown Arbuckle’s revitalization efforts by including bricks in our landscape planning,” she said.

The deadline to order your brick has been extended to May 15, 2016.

“Through this brick fundraiser, we’re offering the opportunity for your business and or family name to become a permanent part of Station 51, while also supporting our Districts First Responders!” said Santucci, “Our Volunteer Firefighters operate 100% on community donations and support, the funds raised will help provide integral Emergency Medical Equipment and Emergency Response Training.”

There are two brick sizes offered. A 4”x8” brick for $75, and an 8”x8” brick for $150.

“Your personal logo or clip-art can be added to your custom brick at no additional cost,” Santucci added.

To purchase your brick, visit, or call (530) 476-2231.

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