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Arbuckle Elementary Visits Tomato Grower

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First-grade students at Arbuckle Elementary were giving an hands-on education experience in the world of tomato farming.

On Friday, May 20, 2016, the first-grade students visited California Sun Growers, LLC in College City.

The morning began with the students watching a short movie on how tomatoes are harvested, processed, and the foods that are made from tomatoes.

Following the video, the students walked through the tomato fields and learned how seedlings are planted. The students were also given the opportunity to explore the tractors and trailers used when tomatoes are harvested.

At the end of the trip, students planted seedlings into cups to take home and grow.

โ€œThe biggest highlight of the day came from Pacific Valley Aviation,โ€ said Arbuckle Elementary School Principal, Summer Shadley, โ€œA helicopter flown by Darren Miller, flew over the field and showed the students how tomatoes are fertilized.โ€

Shadley also explained that the students witnessed how the helicopters are filled with fertilizer.

โ€œThe helicopter also landed on a fertilizer truck. Loaders Jerry Harvey and Jimmy Charter worked to show the students how fertilizer would be placed in the helicopters. The students found it fascinating!โ€ said Shadley.

Shadley stated that she would like to thank California Sun Grower Services, California Sun Equipment Company, Morning Star Trucking, Morning Star Packing and Pacific Valley Aviation for the fantastic day.

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