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Free Literacy Mobile App Introduced to Colusa County

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On June 1, 2016, the Colusa County Office of Education held its inaugural Colusa County Footsteps to Literacy Collaborative meeting where members of the community came together to discuss literacy and to introduce its participation in Footsteps2Brilliance.

“Footsteps2Brilliance, a national initiative, is an early learning literacy equity access program that is bold, and innovative. This social justice approach will impact all families with 0-5-year-olds and Pre-K through 3rd-grade children at no cost to you, our families, or school districts,” said Colusa County Superintendent of Schools, Michael West.

According to West, Colusa County is one of a select group of communities in the country that has qualified for the Footsteps2Brilliance Early Learning Literacy Equity Access Grant of $5,000,000.

Footsteps2Brilliance QR Code“This literacy grant allows us, with your help, to support all learners with a particular emphasis on serving our Latino, African American, and under-served children and families,” said West.
West was joined by Gregory Spencer, Footsteps2Brilliance Director.

“Most kids could care less about learning. However, ALL kids care about having fun. At Footsteps2Brilliance, we integrate fun, engagement, critical thinking, writing, language arts, math, rewards, confidence, and the ability to toggle back and forth in English OR Spanish to bridge the communication gap between parents and kids; allowing parents to become their child’s first teacher,” said Spencer.

With the induction of the program the Children of Colusa County will have free access to over one thousand English and Spanish books, songs, and games via the Internet or the Footsteps2Brilliance educational App.

“This reading tool can be accessed 24/7, online or offline and can be used on any device and includes parent engagement training,” said Spencer.

West Commented that the app is a game changer for everyone in Colusa County.

“Our friends in Napa County report that their children are experiencing seven months of literacy attainment in just 30 days, using this standards-based literacy App, just 15 minutes a day,” said West.
Spencer added that Footsteps2Brilliance® is the breakthrough early learning solution that helps all children become proficient readers by 3rd grade.

Twelve district educators stepped up to pilot the program in their pre-k to 2nd-grade classrooms. These districts include Colusa County, Napa County, Palmdale, Buena Park, Pomona, Salinas City, and Castro Valley, Santa Clara, Vallejo City, San Bernardino, Hawthorne, and Del Norte County.
Maxwell Unified School District rolled out the program earlier this year and is seeing a great response.

“My son came home and couldn’t wait to get on the app and play the games,” said Maxwell Unified School District Member, Kim Giffin, “it’s a great tool for our students.”

Pierce Unified School District Trustee, Abel Gomez commented that he is seeking the support of his board to implement the program within his district.

“I think this is the way we need to go, it will benefit our students greatly,” said Gomez.
The app can be downloaded in the Apple, Android, and Amazon Kindle app stores, as well as accessed through a PC at no cost.

Colusa County Librarian, Stacey Costello commented that students can access the website at their local libraries as well.

To register for the free app, visit and obtain the ‘Super Secret Code’. Parents may also visit For information about Footsteps2Brilliance, visit their website:

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