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County Fair Wrap-up

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The 77th Annual Colusa County Fair came to an end Sunday, bringing with it four days of fun and entertainment.

Although overall attendance figures were not known at the time of press, Colusa County Fairgrounds Manager, Jonathan Howard said he was very pleased by what he saw and the size of the crowds all four days.

“The fair was awesome,” said Howard, “we had the largest entertainment and activity schedule in years.”

At Sunday’s Demolition Derby, the grand stand was packed and seats were sold out!

“It appeared everyone had a great time,” said Howard.

Colusa County Master Gardener, Gerry Hernandez commented that this was the best fair in years.

“I feel like I am having a great time, and everyone is having a great time,” said Hernandez.

Colusa County Mini Miss

On Wednesday, June 8, Karsyn Gwinnup a hometown girl from Maxwell snatched the votes of the judges and crowned the 2016 Colusa County Mini Miss. Gwinnup received high praise for her talent, a song and dance to melody of fire music, earning her the talent award, she was also awarded the personal interview award.

Anderson ‘Annie’ Benton was crowned 2016 1st Runner Up Colusa County Mini Miss. Benton also received the 2016 Friendship Award and was awarded the visual poise award.

Individual Achievement Awards also include: Mary Jo Wilson, receiving the stage arts award; Alexia Sanchez, receiving the visual poise award; and Alexis Avera, receiving the personal interview award.

2015 Colusa County Mini Miss, Holley Hickel gave her wrap-up speech which included the tale of the worn out sash.

“I look at these imperfections as my memories,” said Hickel, “This stain here is from the melting ice cream cone that I had to have at the Butte County Fair, and this spot is where I spilled barbecue sauce from my pulled pork sandwich at the Summer Veterans Picnic.”

Hickel continued, “I have stains from the Lions Club Easter Egg Hunt, and little girls who’ve come up and touched my sash.”

Colusa County Fair Wrap-up

As she concluded her speech she listed a plethora of events and activities she attended – and there were a lot of them.

“It was a busy year,” said Hickel, “Later tonight I will take off my crown and put it away for safe keeping. Thank you for allowing me to represent Colusa County. I will continue to participate in my community and make you proud.”

“Holly has done one heck of a job representing her title, her fair and her county,” said Colusa County Fair Master of Ceremonies, Jim Lemos.

The 2016 Colusa County Mini Miss Pageant was Coordinated by Jyl Torrens and Nina Rudiger.

Opening Day!

The Colusa County Fair celebrated its 77th year with an official opening that included a flag ceremony with the Colusa County VFW, and the Maxwell American Legion. The National Anthem was sung by the 2016 Colusa County Mini Miss, Karsyn Gwinnup, followed by a ribbon cutting hosted by the Colusa County Chamber of Commerce.

“We have had the best support this year, than we have had in many years. Everyone is so excited about the fair, about the fairgrounds and what we are doing,” said Colusa County Fair Manager/CEO Jonathan Howard, “The Fair Board and I had made a huge effort in 2015 to make fairgrounds the place to be. And to become one of the biggest parts of our community in Colusa County.”

During the opening ceremony, Stephen Heter  representative from the Office of Assemblyman James Gallagher presented Colusa County Fair CEO, Jonathan Howard with a Certificate of Recognition from the California State legislature for the 2016 Colusa County Fair.

Colusa County Fair Board Vice President, Victor Matamoros welcomed everyone to the 76th Colusa County Fair.

Miss Colusa County

Six girls were expected to compete in the 2016 Miss Colusa County Pageant; however, one contestant was amiss.

Isabelle Delgado had to withdrawal from the pageant due to ongoing illness.

“My daughter Isabelle, has been fighting Leukemia for the last year.,” said Isabelle’s father, Dr. Julian Delgado, “She was diagnosed in July 2015, and has been undergoing intense chemotherapy ever since.”

Delgado commented that his daughter has been very strong throughout the whole process.

“Sometimes it has left me in awe,” he said.

Isabelle was expected to return to normal activities after finishing her chemotherapy.

“She was very enthused about participating in the Miss Colusa County Pageant and she had a great time with the contestants,” said Delgado.

Delgado stated that the week before Memorial Day, Isabelle became very sick and has been in admitted at UC Davis for the last week and a half.

“She is too week to be here  – so I am here to be her voice,” said Delgado. “I want to thank the board and the pageant for the opportunity and the privilege of reading her speech tonight,”

Delgado expressed his gratitude to Colusa County who has been so supportive of his daughter, and his family.

“The outreach has been incredible and your love has been very felt,” said Delgado.

Delgado asked the crowd to continue prayers for Isabelle’s recovery.

Read ‘Isabelle’s Speech’ as read by Dr. Julian Delgado on Page 4.

As they say in show business, the show must go on and each of the contestants competed in the final areas of the competition which included a formal gown of their choice, speaking in-front of a crowd, as well as poise and confidence.

Ellie Geyer, a hometown girl from Arbuckle was crowned the 2016 Miss Colusa County. Geyer received a scholarship of $1,000.

Lillian Dye, a hometown girl of Colusa, was crowned the 2016 1st Runner-up Miss Colusa County. Dye received a scholarship of $500.

Maureen LaGrande a hometown girl of Sites/Maxwell was selected by here peers as the 2016 Miss Congeniality.

The 2016 Miss Colusa County pageant directors included Devin Kelley and Karen Anania.

The 2016 Miss Colusa County contestants included Clare Ogaz, and Hanna Schneider.


On Friday, June 8, 2016, a Princeton High School Teen was crowned at the Colusa County Fair’s fifth annual Mr. Cinderfella Charity Pageant.

Hosted by the Junior Fair Board, Mr. Cinderfella is no misspelling but a “serious” competition where young men strut their stuff, and the term ‘beauty’ is used very lightly; all in the name of charity where the winner will receive a donation award benefiting a school program of choice.

The contestants competed with risqué, but gut-busting, lip-sync performances, and recited a speech.

Michael Immos, of Princeton, was crowned title of 2016 Mr. Cinderfella. He will receive $1,500 for a program of his choice at his high school.

Lance Gwinnup, of Maxwell, was crowned title of 1st Runner-up for the 2016 Mr. Cinderfella. He will receive $500 for a program of his choice at his high school.

The 2015 Mr. Cinderfella Contestants also included: Cody Moore of Arbuckle; Saul Arambula of Arbuckle; and Diego Serrano of Arbuckle.


A tradition at the Colusa County Fair is the Junior Livestock Auction.

Members of the Future Farmers of America and 4-H spent months raising, feeding, training, and grooming their animals for the annual event.

Lambs, Pigs, Cattle, Goats, Poultry, and Rabbits were shown during the Colusa County Fair and auctioned to the highest bidder on Saturday, June 11, 2016 – and their hard work paid off – a whopping $1,299,707.82.

Slightly down from its 2015 record of $1.5 million – members of the community continued their support for the young livestock marketers.

“The support from the community is just amazing,” said Jonathan Howard, Colusa County Fair Manager/CEO.

Steers averaged $6.96 a pound and netted $367,733.23 with 43 lots. This is an increase in price per pound of 94¢ and a net increase of $10,455.98 from 2015. There were seven less lots in 2015.

Lambs averaged $12.15 a pound and net $428,867.40 with 262 lots. This is an decrease in price per pound of $5.54 and a net decrease of $213,176.32 from 2015. There were 13 less lots in 2015.

Goats averaged $18.13 a pound and net $447,848.20 with 31 lots. Compared to 2015 this is a decrease in price per pound of $9.57 and a net decrease of $33,796.40 from 2015. There were four less lots in 2015.

Swine averaged $11.48 a pound and net $423,361.84 with 149 lots. Compared to 2015 this is a increase in price per pound of 33¢ and a net increase of $5,539.34 from 2015. There were one less lot in 2015.

Rabbit’s averaged $82.85 a pound and net $22,063.50 with 21 lots. Compared to 2015 this is a decrease in price per pound of $42.44 and a net decrease of $2,506.50 from 2015. There were four additional lots in 2015.

Poultry averaged $99.44 a pound and net $9,833.65 with 9 lots. Compared to 2015 this is a increase in price per pound of $20.11 and a net increase of $266.95 from 2015. There were two less lots in 2015.

Champion Hogs:

Supreme Champion Hog – Wade Townsend, Colusa FFA (241 lbs.)

Reserve Supreme Champion Hog – Alexis Hernandez, Colusa 4H (259 lbs.)

FFA Reserve Champion Hog  – Mckenzie Carvalho, Maxwell FFA (240 lbs)

4-H Reserve Champion Hog  – Paige Vierra, Maxwell 4H (240 lbs)

Champion Steer:

Supreme Champion Steer  – Hailey Traynham, Colusa FFA (1350 lbs)

Reserve Supreme Champion Steer  – Alec Bailey, Colusa FFA (1350 lbs)

4-H Reserve Champion Steer  – Drew Hartill, Arbuckle 4H (1218 lbs)

Champion Goat:

Supreme Champion Goat – Cole Stassi, Arbuckle 4H (105 lbs)

Reserve Supreme Champion Goat  – Hannah Azevedo, Maxwell 4H (95 lbs)

FFA Champion Goat  – Taylor Rodriguez, Colusa FFA (97 lbs)

FFA Reserve Champion Goat  – Carlyn Marsh, Arbuckle FFA (85 lbs)

Champion Lamb:

Supreme Champion Lamb  – Ashleigh Ehrke, Arbuckle FFA (148 lbs)

Reserve Supreme Champion Lamb  – Amanda Britt, Independent Entrant (150 lbs)

4-H Champion Lamb – Mary Pat Peterson, Colusa 4H (136 lbs)

4-H Reserve Champion Lamb – Hollie Azevedo, Maxwell 4H (133 lbs)

Champion Poultry:

Supreme Champion Meat Bird Pen – Audrey Giffin, Maxwell 4H

Reserve Supreme Champion Meat Birds – Brandon Carlsen, Arbuckle 4H

Champion Rabbits:

Supreme Champion Rabbits – Luke Myers,  Arbuckle 4H

Reserve Supreme Champion Rabbits – Frances Peterson, Colusa 4H

FFA Champion Rabbits – Jessica Godinez, Arbuckle FFA

FFA Reserve Champion Rabbits – Seth Fonnest, Princeton FFA


In a themed nature of the television cooking competition ‘Chopped’, the Colusa County Fair hosted a competition featuring secret ingredients and three local businesses.

Chef Richard Sanapaw and his sous chef Jordon Murillo, of Rocco’s Bar & Grill in Colusa, took first place after cooking ingredients from a mystery basket which included: pork loin, clams and Fruity Pebbles.

Chef Sara Barron and her sous chef Sara Rogers, of The Refuge Restaurant in Colusa, took second place, and Chef Ross Montejano and his sous chef Kaela Mercado, of Market Street Grill in Colusa, placed third.

The judging was completed by Chef Don Litchfield, Richard Smith, Bernice Dommer, and Chef Keith Erickson.

Colusa County Fair Wrap-up


A steady crowd visited the air-conditioned community building as several Colusa County residents provided a progressive dinner at the Colusa County Fair. The venue and cooking demonstration stage was sponsored by Premier Mushrooms, and Central Valley Gas Storage.

Participating in this year’s cooking demonstration included Michael Acosta serving Shrimp Stuffed Cremini Mushrooms and an a non-alcoholic Mint Spritzer for the appetizer round. Husband and wife duo, Ralph and Nancy Newlin served up a southwestern Chicken Soup, and a Gelatin Salad. Gerry Hernandez demonstrated bread in a bag. The side dish a southern traditional dish was prepared by Mark Marshall and Family, a Black Eye Beans served in a bowl made of rice with a side of collared greens. Kathy Craigo prepared the main course, Cajun Chicken. The evening concluded with Lloyd Green preparing an Earthquake Cake.

Recipies from the event will be featured on the Colusa County Fair’s website, www.colusacountyfair.com and future editions of the Williams Pioneer Review.


The Demolition Derby is a staple event at the Colusa County Fair – an event that has been captivating generations and a great end to the Colusa County Fair.

Taking first place in Heat 1 was Tyler Schofield #C4; Heat 2 was Levi Kalfsbeek #5K; and Heat 3 was Robert Hernandez #6.

The consolation went to Cole Schreiner #55s.

Taking first place in the main event was Jimbo Fryer #10, with Bryan Shadinger #34 placing second,Hector Ramirez #18x placing third, and Levi Kalfsbeek #5K placing fourth.

In the Mini Car category, taking first was Bryce Mathews #17.

In the Truck Category, taking first was Joe Bowers #66.

Levi Kalfsbeek #5K also took the title of the 2016 Mad Dog Winner and Best Looking Derby Car.

Lloyd Green Jr, Editor
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