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Maxwell Fire Chief urges caution when burning

A fireman puts out a fence fire in Maxwell on June 603 (BW)

Even when all of the proper procedures are followed for burning yard waste, things can get out of hand quickly this time of year.

After two fences caught fire in Maxwell over the past three weeks, Maxwell Fire Chief Kenny Cohen is reminding residents to exercise greater vigilance when burning.

“We just want to remind people that it is fire season, and when you’re burning yard clippings and such, you need to be careful and aware of what’s going on around you,” Cohen said. “Dried out grass is going to burn really fast, and potentially catch a nearby fence or structure on fire. Residents really need to make sure that everything is put out properly. Even doing things right, things can get out of hand really quickly during fire season.”

Cohen said that all of the proper procedures needed to be followed prior to burning. Namely, someone wishing to burn is required to obtain a burn permit, contact the Air Resources Board to verify that it is a burn day, and to burn only yard clippings.

Both of the fence fires over the past few weeks came as a result of permitted burns that were executed on burn days, which illustrates the need for greater caution, Cohen said.

“The first one, I think he got in a hurry and tried burning a bigger pile than he maybe should have. The second one, they had burned the day before and it flared back up, catching the fence on fire,” Cohen said.

The second fire, which occurred on July 6, also caught a garage structure on fire. Maxwell firefighters, with mutual aid from Williams, were able to quickly put out the flames before it expanded further. ■

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