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Colusa man arrested on suspicion of attempted murder

A 35-year-old Colusa man was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after he allegedly fired a semi-automatic handgun during a fight in Colusa on Sunday afternoon.

On July 24, officers from the Colusa Police Department responded to a house on the 200-block of Allen Circle, where the alleged fight had occurred at about 4:25 p.m. While there, officers learned that the suspect, Samuel Villa, had gone to the house to confront an unnamed victim, regarding an alleged affair.

“The confrontation was about Villa suspecting an affair between the victim and (Villa’s) wife,” Colusa Police Sgt. Eldon Tamez said on Monday.

According to Colusa Police, an argument took place in the driveway of the residence, which led to a physical fight. During the fight, Villa allegedly pulled out the pistol, and he and the victim continued scuffling.

“At that point, the gun was fired,” Tamez said. “The gun was allegedly fired while the suspect was holding it.”

The bullet went past the victim, hit the driveway, ricocheted off the driveway and hit the front tire of a vehicle that was parked there. After the firearm was discharged, the fight stopped, and Villa took off in his vehicle, Colusa Police said.

At 1:40 a.m. on Monday morning, an officer driving westbound on Highway 20, near Niagara Ave. on the outskirts of town, spotted Villa’s vehicle and attempted to make a traffic stop. Villa failed to yield to the officer and traveled approximately five blocks to his residence, Tamez said.

Villa arrived at his house on the 1600 block of Wescott Road, where the officer made contact with him and took him into custody without incident.

Villa was booked into Colusa County Jail on felony charges of attempted murder and shooting at an inhabited dwelling or vehicle, along with a misdemeanor charge of evading a police officer. The booking report from the Colusa County Jail did not indicate a bail amount.

Tamez said that the investigation is still ongoing, and that the department was still in the process of talking with witnesses.

As of 7 p.m. on Monday, no charges had been filed by the district attorney’s office.

“We’re still gathering more information,” Colusa County District Attorney John Poyner said.

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