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Colusa Assembly of God Church Welcomes Pastor Ken Edwards

LG - Ken Edwards Pic (COLOR)The congregation at the Assembly of God Church in Colusa is welcoming a new pastor, a familiar face of the community.

Pastor Ken Edwards has replaced Pastor Dwight Scott who retired in February.

Edwards, a resident of Williams, served as Pastor of the Assembly of God Church in Williams for 21 years.

“Some time ago I left the Williams Church and became an associate pastor. I often filled in when Dwight was out of town,” said Edwards.

While serving as the interim pastor, several members of the congregation asked Edwards to apply.

“I have let my credentials laps through his assembly of God because I wasn’t active pastor,” said Edwards, “I wasn’t looking at doing this full time.”

Later that day, Edwards stated that he spoke with God and asked for his direction.

“I told him that I have always listened to his advice, and when he has opened the doors of opportunity, I will always try to go through,” he said, “I picked up the phone and called the church and told them that if they were still looking for a pastor – to give me a call.”

That afternoon, Edwards received a phone call and an interview was scheduled.

“I still had to jump through a lot of hoops with the Assembly of God to get my credentials updated,” said Edward.

On June 10, Edwards was selected unanimously to serve as the new pastor.

About Edwards

From as young as Edwards could remember, their family has always attended church and had a good understanding of the Bible.

“When I was in Junior High, I participated in the California State Honor Band, and that is where I met a fella who invited me out to summer camp,” said Edwards.

That summer, while in Angels Camp California, he participated in a local service in which the pastor asked him to stay after.

“He said, ‘I never actually said this to anyone before – probably never will again. Have you ever considered being full-time ministry?’,” said Edwards. “I told him that I have thought about it, but my goal was to become a band teacher.”

Later that summer, while attending his local church, a coach from the Bethany Bible College was giving a presentation.

“That is when it hit me, I realized you could go to Bible college,” said Edwards. “That is when my life started in that direction.”

By his third year at Bethany Bible College, it became apparent to Edwards he was on the right path.

Edwards was licensed as a pastor in 1975 and served as a youth pastor for seven years.

“We moved to Williams in 1990, and became the pastor of the Assembly of God Church of Williams,” said Edwards.

At that time he also taught band and worked as a substitute teacher. Edwards also served on the Williams City Council and in 2004 acted as Mayor of the City.

“That was quite the experience,” said Edwards.

Plans for the church.

“We want this to be a place, a center of Gods love. A place for people to come and a place for us to administer Gods love to the people of the community,” said Edwards, “We want the place to be open where you can come as you are.”

With his laid back preaching style, Edwards commented that he shares the word of God through different mediums.

“Sitting there and listening to someone talk the entire time isn’t all that entertaining,” said Edwards, “We like to use a lot of video and music and welcome the audience to participate.”

“The message of God and the love of God is what draws people. As long as you show that you care about people they will come – and that is one of the most important things,” he said.

The Colusa Assembly of God is located at 1747 Highway 20 in Colusa. They can be reached at (530) 458-2585. Worship is held every Sunday at 10:30 AM and Sunday School classes for all ages at 9:30 AM. <

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