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Somethin’ strange in the neighborhood

Last year’s Pumpkin Village and Haunted Paintball Hayride were a huge success in Colusa. But there’s more. . .

Just like the classic (now revisited) film “Ghost Busters” chants; there’s something strange in the neighborhood at the Colusa County Fairgrounds.

Earlier this summer the Fairgrounds invited Colusa County groups, businesses, and individuals to create a room in the community Haunted House being built in the Fair’s Main Exhibit Hall. The House will open September 30 and continue through October. “Rooms can be hosted by individuals and businesses as well as groups or organizations. This is not limited to groups or organizations,” said Howard. “We want to see everyone involved in this community endeavour,” he said.

“This is a great way for our communities to come together, create something fun for the whole family, and maybe win $1,000,” said Fair CEO Jonathan Howard.

“We’ve built some rooms of plain black walls,” said Howard. The participants can use their imaginations to develop whatever “spooky” chamber they wish.

“We’ve had a great response to this project, and a lot of groups have signed up to put their touch on this community effort.

“Space is filling up, but we still have a few rooms left. Give us a call at (530) 458-2641,” he said.

The public will be invited to view the house, maybe be a little startled, and then vote for their favorite room.  There is no entry fee for room designers.

“This is a great event for organizations, classes, teams, youth groups, etc. as it provides an excellent team building exercise. Your room is completely designed, manned, and organized by your group,” said

“We are just watching these fall events grow into something great for our county,” said Howard.  “We’ve had a tremendous amount of help from volunteers to pull off three major events; Pumpkin Village, Haunted Paintball Hayride and Haunted House,” said Howard. “These events have blossomed into something we can all be so proud of,” he said.

“You take a great season like fall in Colusa County, and we bring our family entertainment. It just doesn’t get better than that,” he said.

Applications are available at or the fair office.

For more information call Howard or the Colusa County Fair staff at (530) 458-2641.

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