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Election 2016 Update

The race for Colusa County Supervisor, District 3, had been a close call with incumbent Mark Marshall receiving 506 votes, and his opponent Kent Boes receiving 560 votes. To receive the elected seat, a candidate must receive 50% of the votes cast plus one vote. With no additional provisional ballots to count for district 3, Kent Boes received the seat of Colusa County Supervisor for District 3.

“I’m thrilled by the results. The support I’ve received this past year has been nothing short of humbling. I have some big shoes to fill and a lot of learning to do, but I am ready to get to work for the citizens of Colusa County,” said Kent Boes in a statement to the Pioneer Review. “More importantly, I’m very proud of district 3 and the entire county’s turnout. In a district that typically has a very low voter turnout, over 1,100 folks showed up to vote and Colusa County had over 77% turnout which is absolutely fantastic.”

For district 2, John Loudon received 790 votes, and his opponent Robert Moriconi received 627 votes. Loudon retained his seat.  In District 4, Gary Evans received 595 votes, and his opponent Susan Meeker received 466 votes. Evans retained his seat.

For the Colusa City Council race Kirk Kelleher received 1,406 votes, Greg Ponciano received 1,134 votes, and Dave Markss received 1,128 votes securing all three to the council. Walt Sweeney received 1,089 votes. There were three seats on the Colusa City Council.

Williams City Council was filled by John Troughton Jr. who received 631 votes, and Roberto Mendoza, who received 635 votes. There was no opposition.

Both measures B & C, School bond funding for Williams and the Pierce District passed; however, Colusa’s Measure A failed to receive a passing vote by 365.

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