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Colusa County Historic Look Back: 03/16/2016

Research and synopses by Resa Lyn

50 Years Ago

Colusa Sun – Jan 10, 1966
The 3-day Orchard Machinery Fair (now called the Colusa County Farm Show) opened with 73 exhibitors, educational programs and machinery on display valued at 1.5 million dollars. Opening day saw 4,000 visitors.

75 Years Ago

Colusa Sun – Jan 9, 1941
The 1940 Census reports a population of 2,285 people in Colusa County. This is an increase of 169 people in 10 years.

Colusa Sun – Jan 21, 1941
Arthur J. Fouch, retired druggist, dies suddenly at the age of 58.

100 Years Ago

Tri-Weekly Colusa Sun – Dec 12, 1916
Colusa is the duck hunters paradise. Visitors bag at least 25,000 ducks totaling 75,000 lbs.

Tri-Weekly Colusa Sun – Dec 14, 1916
Bread was no longer being served for dessert in local restaurants, due to bread being sold at the retail price of 5 and 10 cents a loaf.

Tri-Weekly Colusa Sun – Dec 16, 1916
Grimes ferry boat is raised after sinking 2 days ago. It will be repaired, but has been a great inconvenience to the public.


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