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Colusa County Historic Look Back: 03/23/2016


Research and synopses by: Resa Lyn

50 Years Ago

Colusa Sun – Jan 26, 1966
Many Colusans are seen on color TV on channel 3 on Traventure Theater. Featured is the Jeepers Jamboree tour, run by Mr. and Mrs. Barney Gonzales Jr, Bob Bailey, and Brent Wiggins of Arbuckle, and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Brown of Meridian.

75 Years Ago

Colusa Sun – Jan 23, 1941
Peter William Jansen, a well-known Grimes farmer, drives 9 cars, 5 trucks and more than 1,500,000 miles in 32 years without an accident.

Colusa Sun – Jan 27, 1941
Grimes Post Office to be moved to the Jensen Building, owned by Mrs. Clara Jensen.

100 Years Ago

Tri-Weekly Colusa Sun – Dec 23, 1916
The assessment on the lands between Colusa and Sycamore is $6 and upwards per acre. The landowners will contest the assessment, which will ultimately go to the supreme court. Total assessment amounts to $700,000.

Tri-Weekly Colusa Sun – Dec 26, 1916
Mrs. W. L. Tedford appointed chairman of a committee to raise funds for the erection of a memorial arch across the highway near the Southern Pacific Station in Williams.


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