Saturday, April 17, 2021


Colusa junior golf, biggest ever

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Colusa Golf & Country Club had 87 kids sign up for its annual Free Junior Golf Clinic, the largest such event that the club has ever been responsible for putting on. Organizers said that the event draws between 50 and 60 attendees in a typical year, and that the number this year was exceptional.

“I think that was a record for us as far as the number of kids we had,” PGA Golf Professional Ric Burgess said. “It’s very important (to the future of the sport), Most of them were beginners, some had some ability… A lot of them had some real ability, and they just need to get out there, play and practice to get better.”

The Free Junior Golf Clinic is under the direction of and sponsored by Colusa Rotary and Iles Academy of Golf for kids. Members of the golf club also played an important role in the event, by volunteering their time to help teach kids from ages 7 to 17 the basics of the game.

“It could not be possible without the help of volunteers and when asked, Colusa Golf Members definitely stepped up to the plate to help,” Dollie Burgess said.

One such volunteer was Colusa County District Attorney John Poyner, who traveled from station to station with a group of young golfers on Thursday.

“You get some of these guys, and you can tell they’ve played — but it’s really about getting them excited about golf,” Poyner said. “This clinic is just awesome.”

The Free Junior Golf Clinic program is primarily designed to introduce children to the sport. During the first two days they were shown the basics in putting, chipping, pitching, driving, rules, etiquette, and course play. On the final day the kids competed in different categories, including a drive, chip, putt contest. The contests were followed with awards and a barbecue for both kids and parents.

The youth activities at the course will continue into the summer, Dollie Burgess said.

“Colusa Golf & Country Colusa is all about Junior Golf,” Burgess said. “We keep our junior rates low at just $6.00 for 9-holes of golf, and offer a Junior Membership that includes unlimited golf for $50.00 a month.” The club also hosts a LPGA/USGA Girls Golf program the first Saturday of every month, and are introducing a First Tee/PGA Sports Academy Youth Golf Development program on Thursdays.

Ric Burgess said he would like to thank all the members who donated their time to help make our Junior Clinic a success, and said it couldn’t have been done without them.

Results of the Drive, Chip, Putt contest:

Age 7: 1st place Priscilla Abundis, 2nd place Asher Amsden, 3rd place Kelbi Forry.

Age 8: 1st place Trenton Griffith, 2nd place Quinn Monroe, 3rd place Elizabeth Krug.

Age 9: 1st place Alena Sanchez, 2nd place Bryce Cantrell, 3rd place Delani Davidson.

Age 10: 1st place Seth Kalisuch, 2nd place Landon Humphrey, 3rd place Lucas Winters.

Age 11: 1st place Joshua Garcia, 2nd place Clayton Book, 3rd place Delaney Amsden.

Age 12: 1st place Anthony Berry, 2nd place Logan Book, 3rd place Peyton Humphrey.

Age 13: 1st place Julian Cortez, 2nd place Dennis Richardson, 3rd place Keyana Carbajal.

Age 14-17: 1st place Bailey Morrell, 2nd place Josh Baker, 3rd place Leroy Haught.

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