Women’s rugby has historical Saturday in 7’s action


2016 Womens Rugby Shast

The Colusa County Women’s Rugby Football Club didn’t play their first 15’s match over the weekend – low numbers for the opposing side meant more 7’s action for the fledgling club.

There were a number of firsts for the CCWRFC on Saturday in Shasta, however.

The CCWRFC played three 7’s matches against the University of Nevada Reno Women’s Rugby Team, losing the first two matches by a try – but the club got their first taste of victory by taking the third match 25-10.

“It was two tries to one in the first two games, and Colusa won four tries to two in the third and final game,” club founder and player Katie Mumma said.

History was made when Sammy Espindola scored the first try ever for the CCWRFC in the first match of the series.

Espindola, Sally Loeza, Kaja Knapp, Ashley Ornbaun, Katie Mumma and Lauren Boggs each scored tries in for the CCWRFC in their victory.

“Altogether, we had a great day. The third game we really stepped it up a notch and took it to them,” Mumma said. “We put it together and played well as a team – I was particularly proud of the way we played in that third game.”

The CCWRFC will continue to practice and prepare for the upcoming 15’s season, which kicks off in January.

“I’m super excited to see what the season brings once we start 15’s,” Mumma said.

Brian Pearson
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