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Countdown to California State Duck Calling Championship and Outdoor Expo

Photo by: Sue Graue
Photo by: Sue Graue

In exactly one month, Veteran’s Memorial Park in Colusa will be resonating with highballs, feeding and comeback calls, quacks, clucks, yodels and a litany of other “main street” waterfowl sounds.

The countdown to the California State Duck Calling Championship, hosted by Kittle’s Outdoor and Sport for the sixth straight year, has officially begun.

The two day festivities, replete with sponsors and vendors from all across the waterfowl and outdoors world, is slated for Aug. 27 and 28, and preparations are well underway.

While the often-cacophonic din that surrounds the event may not be music to everyone’s ears, competitors are hoping their routines strike a chord with the panel of experienced callers who will judge the various call categories that comprise the event.

“The judges have all been contacted, so they’re all lined up. These are some very experienced competitive callers, who really give this contest a ton of credibility,” Pat Kittle, owner of Kittle’s Outdoor and Sport said.

Callers will compete in nine different categories over the course of the two-day event. Those include the California Classic “Open” Duck Call Championship, the Junior and Intermediate Duck and Speck Calling Contests, the California State Live Duck Calling Contest, the California State Canada Goose Calling Contest, the California State Duck Championship and World Championship Qualifier, the California State Speck Calling Contest, and the California State Two-Man Meat Calling Contest.

The winner of the World Championship Qualifier will head to Stuttgart, AR for the 81st Annual World Duck Calling Championship & Wings Over the Prairie Festival.

Kittle said that he still actively taking sponsors on, and are taking applications for vendor spaces in the park.

“We will take vendors right up to the beginning of the contest, but as it gets closer, the availability kind of shrinks for the good spots” Kittle said. “We’re lacking a little bit of sponsors still. I don’t really go after the local people, but I’m looking to waterfowl industry guys. We had HEVI-Shot, Sitka Gear, and Browning that jumped on board right at the start.”

The vendor and sponsor form, along with more information on the contest and outdoor expo, is available online on the Kittle’s Outdoor and Sport website.

Kittle said that callers are able to, and generally do, register up to and on the day of the contest.

In addition to the calling contest itself, the event will welcome a number of celebrities and big names from the world of calling and waterfowl. There will also be a few waterfowl hunting seminars and an array of products on display.

“From top to bottom, from big corporations putting the newest equipment on display, to mom-and-pop operations with art and accessories – it will all be there at the park,” Kittle said.

Check back with the Pioneer Review in future editions as we continue the coverage for the California State Duck Calling Championship.

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