Colusa boat ramp delayed until Spring


Folks in Colusa have been waiting for a new boat ramp for more than 10 years, and they’re going to have to wait a little longer, Colusa City Manager Jesse Cain announced on Monday evening.

Cain said he has pushed back his deadline four times as he worked with the Army Corps of Engineers to secure all of the necessary permits. The process was complicated by a change in the plans for the boat ramp: High waters last winter washed away large amounts of sand at the proposed location, and city staff determined sheet piling was necessary to move forward with construction. The Army Corps of Engineers has yet to sign off on the amended construction plan.

As of Monday, Cain said he was still fighting to get the permits from the Army Corps. Cain said he was hopeful the city would have those permits by the end of the week, but he nevertheless is postponing construction until next spring.

“In a nutshell, I think we’re too late into the year by a few days,” Cain said. “I talked to the contractor, and we’re pushing the envelope. Officially, I’m going to call off the construction of the boat ramp for this fall. Since I’m postponing it, and we never awarded a contract for the boat ramp – we just prepared to – I’m going to reject all bids and I plan on gong back out to bid in February, and to have all the permits and a contract in place and ready to go by May 15.”

Cain said that because of the late amendment to the project, a number of contractors back out on putting in a bid.

“I think by getting the sheet pile design over the next month or two, and having all that ready when we go out to bid for the spring, I really think we’ll have a better turnout and have around a half-dozen bids to look at, versus two,” Cain said.  “The last thing I want to do is build a half-ass project… It’s not what I wanted to do, but I’m just feeling uneasy about starting it this late. Even though we got the extension to the middle of November, you just never know, and I’d rather go into where we have a lot of time to get the in-water work done, and all of that.”

Brian Pearson
Brian Pearson is the former Managing Editor & Reporter for the Williams Pioneer Review. Brian joined the Williams Pioneer Review in June 2016 and is committed to bringing hyperlocal news to its readers. A few of his projects included reporting local government and the sports page.