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07/12/2017: Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,
In regards to the “Hospital operations resume after negotiations run afoul”(July 5). It’s good news that the Colusa Medical Center’s opening is back on track. But there’s a looming threat to the hospital’s future: the Senate’s proposal to overhaul the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare). Instead of fixing problems with the ACA, the National Rural Health Association says the Senate’s bill “will lead to more uninsured, greater health disparities and ultimately poorer health outcomes for rural populations nationwide.”
Rural areas like Colusa County where people tend to be older and poorer will be hit hard. When rural patients can’t pay their medical bills, rural hospitals wind up absorbing the losses. The NRHA predicts that the Senate’s “anti-rural” proposal “will be the death sentence for many rural hospitals across the country.”
Colusa County residents, business owners, medical professionals and local government officials can’t afford to sit on the sidelines of the national health care debate. We have to speak out and let our country’s leaders know we want solutions that will make health care affordable for all Americans – including those of us in rural communities.

Jennifer Roberts

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