Empire Nut Company celebrated five years in Colusa by inviting their customers to the cutting-edge facility for lunch.

The walnut hulling and processing plant held its first Customer Appreciation Day on July 19.

The Nevis and Thiara families, who own the facility, have been walnut growers in Northern California for decades, and started the walnut shelling and processing company in 2011.

JT Singh, plant manager, said Empire Nut Company works with about 25 local growers to maintain excellent product quality. From the orchards to the packaging department, Empire Nut Company is committed to providing farm fresh California walnuts for the entire world to enjoy, he said.

“For us, it’s all about quality,” Singh said.

Empire Nut Company, located on Moon Bend Road, is a modern walnut processing plant equipped with the latest sorting and quality control technology, along with cutting-edge packing lines, warehouses, cold storage, and drying facilities.

Empire Nut Company, which is certified to meet the highest USDA standards, processes about $12.5 million pounds (6,250 tons) of walnuts annually, Singh said.

Walnut production is the fourth leading crop in Colusa County. About 36,000 tons of walnuts are grown locally each year, according to the Colusa County Agriculture Commissioner’s Office. 

Susan Meeker
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