Last Tuesday, the Colusa County Veterans Picnic Group provided the Colusa Cemetery with a $2,390 check to preserve the headstones of veterans buried there.

According to the Colusa Cemetery District Manager Daniell Frampton, there has been a real concern over headstones without proper foundations around them.

“The headstone foundation project the headstone from being damaged by the lawnmower which can cause chipping to the stone or can even become partially buried over time,” she said.

With a total of 32 headstones of veterans in the need of proper foundations, the district estimated the cost at $2,381.

With the money presented by members of the Colusa County Veterans Picnic Group, the veteran headstone project can move forward.

“We are very thankful for the donation from the veterans,” said Frampton.

In addition to preserving existing headstones, the Colusa Cemetery is working to ensure not a single veteran goes without a headstone.

“The Colusa Cemetery and help from Don Parsons we’ve been able to install four military headstones for veterans without a headstone in over 100 years,” said Frampton.

Frampton said that the staff at the Colusa Cemetery is taking an active role in honoring veterans long after they have passed.â–