Maxwell High Celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness


Last Tuesday, the Maxwell FBLA and student body held a ‘Pink Day’ assembly in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Guest speaker, Diana Azevedo, opened the ceremony asking students who knew someone affected by breast cancer to stand up. With over half of the high school on their feet, Azevedo told her story.

“My mother passed away from breast cancer when I was young. From then on out, I had many tests to see if I also carried the same genetic disease,” said Azevedo. “ and 12 years ago, I met my bump in the road with breast cancer, and beat it.”

Azevedo also educated students on the importance of examinations and how breast cancer can also affect men.

“You don’t commonly hear about breast cancer in men, but it does occur,” said Azevedo.

Forest Bateman also addressed students on breast cancer.

“My sister had been diagnosed with breast cancer and after the removal the tumors, she was later diagnosed with brain cancer,” said Bateman. “The doctors had missed a node that spread into her brain.”

“She later passed away,” he said. “I share this story with you today, so you are aware of how important it is to know the signs. I don’t want to see any of you go through what I did with the passing of my sister, this is not a kind disease.”

At the conclusion of the ceremony, students lined up at the football field with pink balloons and stood in a “HOPE” formation. The balloons were released to honor those who have fallen to this deadly disease.

“I have participated in this event for four years,” said Gina Jenkins, a senior at Maxwell High School. “I think keeping the younger generation informed about breast cancer and acknowledging those who are currently battling cancer, beaten cancer or have fallen to this disease, is important.”

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