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Life as I see it: 01/11/2017

We came out of the frozen tundra of North Dakota into the “belly of the whale” and torrential rains in California.

This is the third day we have stayed in the house and I admit I’m getting a bit stir crazy. It will pass.

I’ve used the time to hone my skills in “healthy” cooking and have actually come up with some pretty good stuff.

At least we aren’t starving.

I think we have a cat. This little black cat we have dubbed Cloe continues to come twice a day for a meal. She comes in the house for a while and even lets us have our momentary lap time. But she always wants to go back out when the food dish is empty.

She has come a long way in the last month though. At first, she was wary of us totally. She’d wait until there was food in her dish and we were well out of the way before she’d eat.

She’s an oddity as well. One of her ears is not developed so she looks a bit lopsided with one normal size ear and one tiny ear.

Having spent a couple of weeks with daughter Velvet at Christmas time, we became accustomed to cats with ear maladies.

Her cat Shiloh has no ears and half a tail. Her fate was struck when she froze them off one winter when she was an outside cat in North Dakota.

She was rescued by the sweet girl who owned Velvet’s house. She nursed her back to health, but when she moved, Velvet inherited Shiloh.

Shiloh is a sweet, old girl and doesn’t seem to miss her ears.

I talked with a grandmother of a little girl who lost her foot in an accident last summer.

She told me that the child is amazing. She’s adapting to her body as it is now, and just keeps moving forward.

Kids and animals are resilient. I wish that we would all hold those traits. I know I’m a big, old baby when something hurts. Even so, I tend to keep going even if there is pain.

That’s what you do if you plan on surviving.

Additionally, to survive you have to take care of yourself. We may not be “happy” with the body we have been given, but it’s the one we have and we need to make the best of it.

I’m a pretty good cook, so for the last few months I’ve wowed Tom a little too much with the good old country cooking.

Now it’s a new year and a new day. If we want to have a few more good years, we best knock off the bad habits and get back on track.

Maybe being trapped in the house for several days with nothing to do but cook is God’s way of helping me do that very thing.

One time years ago, I was so tired and too busy to rest. One day I climbed on the edge of our waterbed to clean the ceiling fan. I lost my footing and stepped in the middle of the bed which in turn reacted like a trampoline. Once I was catapulted off of the bed I landed with a thud on the floor and against a wall.

I suddenly had time to rest. I was in bed, too sore to move for two days.

Moral of the story: Take time to care for yourself, even if it’s taking a rest when you need it.

Life is good today.

— Kathy Craigo is a publicist, speaker, and life coach. She owns Kathy Craigo Media Consulting in Colusa. Contact Kathy Craigo at

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