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MASTER GARDENER’S CORNER: February in the Garden

In the Garden

  • Around Valentine’s Day, apply dormant copper spray to peach and nectarine trees no later than bud swell.
  • Fertilize mature trees and shrubs after spring growth starts.
  • Be sure to remove and discard (do not compost) fallen camellia blossoms to reduce petal blight.
  • Fertilize spring blooming and fall-planted perennials.
  • Mulch 3 inches deep around plants (without touching stems) to conserve soil moisture.
  • Plant in vegetable garden by direct seeding: radishes, beets, chard, and peas.
  • Start tomato, pepper, and eggplant seeds indoors.
  • Flowers to transplant or direct seed: snapdragon, candytuft, larkspur, coral bells, and stock.
  • Plant bulbs for summer bloom: dahlias, begonias, gladiolus, lilies, etc.
  • Plant potatoes.


  • Finish pruning roses.
  • Prune summer blooming shrubs now.
  • Pest and Disease Control
  • Watch for aphids on spring blooming bulbs; remove with a strong spray of water.
  • As the weather warms prepare to battle slugs and snails with traps or pet-friendly baits.

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