Life as I See It: 08/02/2017


Well, daughter Velvet and friend Jodi have come and gone.

Velvet drove away in my little “Camy” Camry and headed back to North Dakota.

I wrote last week that the little silver car and I had some adventures, and we had one last one before we parted company.

Driving to the airport to pick up the girls, I ran over some object in the middle of the road.

I heard a thud and felt the bump as my back tire went up and over the brick of sorts.

Faithful to the pluses of the car, it immediately started flashing low tire pressure warnings.

Yep, I managed to blow out the sidewall of one of the four brand new tires I had put on the car for Velvet.

I was on the “no-service area” stretch of Highway 20 heading to the valley.

I pulled over, surveyed the flat tire and stood by the car and waved frantically at an oncoming pick up truck.

God bless the two young men who saw me and flipped a u-turn to come back and help me.

This sweet boy named Grover changed the tire. He was all cleaned up and looked great because he and his buddy were headed on a trip of their own.

I was back on the road, donut on the car, and made it to the airport with time to spare.

The girls and I lost an hour and a half of our girl trip day as it took that long to get the new tire at Les Schwab in Sacramento.

Counting our blessings: no wreck, Ma was safe, and we were together. Velvet told me it didn’t matter that we were visiting in the tire shop and that the main thing was we were together.

We had a great time with the girls on their visit to our house. We had a morning boat ride with mimosas. Later we went to Ukiah to tour the “City of Ten Thousand Buddhas” where we had a wonderful vegetarian meal. Who knew whatever that was could taste like sweet and sour pork?

Yesterday, we made a trip to Fort Bragg where it was 62 degrees and wonderful. We rode the Skunk Train through the redwoods. From there we came home, and the girls (and Camy) drove away on their journey back to North Dakota.

I loved having my chicks in the nest if just for a time.

All is well, we will see them at Christmas.

In the meantime, life goes on. Tonight is the birthday party for an old friend, and tomorrow is lunch with my adopted chicks (Tom & Ashley). We are blessed to have kids, blood and adopted, that love us and actually want us around.

Life is good today.

— Kathy Craigo-Harteis is a publicist, speaker, and life coach. Contact Kathy Craigo-Harteis at