Life as I see it (11/15/2017)


It was a milestone week for me. I had a pretty “big number” birthday, and I survived. I started my day with a visit to the gym and did my routine. I especially made an effort to go that day since then I could say it was my 69th birthday and I could still go to the gym. I know it doesn’t matter to anyone but me, but there you go.

I share my birthday with the U.S. Marine Corps, and it falls one day before Veteran’s Day.
I had a talk with my husband Tom (Vietnam Vet) about what is the appropriate greeting for Vets on Veteran’s Day. It somehow doesn’t seem right to say “happy” Veteran’s Day since it was not a happy thing these men and women did for us. Instead, I decided to say bless a Vet. We should be blessing them. Without their giving, we would not have our getting.

So, on my birthday morning, I was as I am every morning sitting in my chair watching out the glass storm door as the sun came up over the lake. My cat Chloe was in for her breakfast and her morning pets. This is the quiet time of day when she deems it appropriate to let me give her some attention. Cats decide who touches them and when.
As we sat there quietly, we had a visitor. On the outside of the glass door, we see a pretty hefty raccoon saunter up and peer in the door. Neither the raccoon nor Chloe seemed aggressive, nor did either growl. They just nosed to nosed each other through the glass.

I had a feeling if I had opened the door the raccoon would have come on in.

As it was, it just kind of wandered away after it didn’t find food out on the deck.

It reminded me of my late Aunt Edna. For years when she lived in Sheldon, Wa there was a family of raccoons that visited her daily. It could have been because she supplied plentiful bowls of dog food and even a plastic swimming pool for them to cool off in summer.

I know, I know, it’s not a good idea, but those critters sure seemed to like visiting her, and they certainly gave her a lot of joy in watching them.

For my birthday outing, we went to see “Murder on the Orient Express” which was great.

It just proved to me that Hollywood could make an entertaining film with excitement and mystery without dropping an F-bomb with every other word.

Agatha Christi’s classic novels are great mysteries.

I think we should go back to basics and stop trying to be so sophisticated and outlandish.

I’m an old soul at heart. I sometimes wish for the simpler of times, and the more respectful of times we once knew.

I had phone calls, texts, and messages from a lot of people and I was reminded that I am loved. It was a good day; old or not; it was a good day.

But, as I write today is Veteran’s Day. Tom and I are off to lunch in his honor.

Tomorrow it is back to me and my gal pals Sue, Deb, and Connie as we will gather for our annual joint birthday feeding and shopping event.

I’m excited to be with these forever friends. It’s not so bad being old.
Life is good today. . .

— Kathy Craigo-Harteis is a publicist, speaker, and life coach. Email her at