Life as I see it (12/27/2017)


Last week I bragged how the weather here in North Dakota was as good or better than at home in California. But, I also warned that all that could change, and it did. We will have a white Christmas after all.

That’s fine be me. After living in North Dakota for 30 plus years I have come to believe there should be snow for Christmas.

I’ve rededicated myself with the art of driving on ice with an early morning drive to Dickinson some 60 miles away. You just have to shake that California need to hurry and take it slow. The drive reminded me of one I drove many years ago. I was driving on ice, but that time in my full-size van. My three passengers were my Soil Conservation District coworkers; Dale, Irv, and Vern. I hit some ice, spun that big old boat of a van in a few cookies and ended up going the opposite way in the median. Dale drove it out and finished driving that trip. I think I kind of scared the boys that day. I know it shook me a bit. I wonder if they remember that adventure?

My next trip into the ditch, I was alone just outside Bowman, ND. This time I was in my little red convertible. I spun between two semi trucks and into a ditch. There was no driving out of the ditch that time. I had to be towed out.

On the plus side, this week I wrapped gifts and baked caramel rolls for my family. With the snow coming down outside the window, it just felt right.

As it always does, time with the kids and the grandbabies is going all too quickly. As I write this, we’re only two days away from Christmas Eve. The grandkids’ excitement is growing, and Tom and I are enjoying every moment.

Although there’s talk of gifts and special food and the like, it still comes down to one thing. We are together, and each of us know Christmas is about love for one another and most importantly about the love of The Boy Child born in a manger.

As a family and as a nation, we are blessed.

Tom , myself and the rest of the Craigo Clan wish you a Merry & Blessed Christmas. Life is a bit chilly, but life is definitely good today.n

Kathy Craigo-Harteis is a publicist, speaker, and life coach. email her at