Pair involved in shooting to remain in jail 



The two individuals who were arrested in connection with the robbery and shooting near Colusa Casino on Feb. 6 will likely remain behind bars until the court resolves their cases.

Superior Court Judge Jeffrey A. Thompson on Feb. 7 denied a bail reduction request from Santrice Nicole Moon-Gomez, who is the mother of a 3-year-old child.

Moon-Gomez pleaded not-guilty to attempted second degree robbery, in addition to the special allegation that could result in an additional and consecutive prison term of one, two, or three years, in convicted.

Moon-Gomez’s attorney, Sukhrahj S. Pamma, had asked the court to release the 20-year-old on her own recognizances so that she could possibly work with her father at his place of employment while she awaits trial.

Thompson agreed with District Attorney Matthew R. Beachamp that Moon-Gomez posed a reasonable risk to the public and should not have her bail lowered.

Ysidro Chico Arismendez, 33, is being held at the Colusa County Jail without bail.

Arismendez has not yet entered a plea on charges of second degree attempted murder and attempted second degree robbery, as well as three special allegations that could send the previously-convicted felon back to prison for life.

Arismendez, who allegedly police said was in possession of a firearm at the time of his arrest, appeared in court last week without the attorney he initially sought to defend him, resulting in Thompson assigning Public Defender Albert Smith to represent him.

According to the Colusa County Sheriff’s Office, deputies arrested Arismendez and Moon-Gomez after responding to the casino at about 8:50 PM on Feb. 6 after receiving a report of an adult male who had suffered a gunshot wound to the chest.

The man, whose identity is still being protected, was shot on the Colusa Rancheria, just outside the southern end of the casino property, but was able to drive a short distance to the casino itself and call 911.

Based on descriptions given, Sheriff’s Office personnel, Task Force agents, Colusa Police officers and California Highway Patrol officers tracked Arismendez and Moon-Gomez to a residence northwest of the casino, where they were taken into custody.

Both Arismendez and Moon-Gomez have criminal histories, court records indicate.

Arismendez was previously convicted after pleading no contest to receiving stolen property in 2003. He was convicted of battery in 2013, and has a variety of drug-related convictions.

Moon-Gomez was previously convicted in 2017 for petty theft and was on probation at the time of her arrest. She will face an additional charge of violating the terms of her probation and failure to pay her fine when she next appears in court for the setting of her preliminary hearing on March 14.

Arismendez is scheduled to appear in court at the same time to enter his plea.

Sheriff’s officials said controlled substances were also found at the residence where the duo was arrested. ■

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