Cases continued for shooting suspects


Public Defender Albert Smith has asked Colusa County Superior Court Judge Jeffrey A. Thompson to once again continue the hearing for Ysidro Chico Arismendez, 33, who stands accused of attempted murder after allegedly shooting a man in the chest on the Colusa Rancheria.

Smith, who was assigned to Arismendez’s case after the alleged gunman failed to secure a private attorney, said he is waiting for additional information before he has his client enter a plea.

Arismendez is facing charges of second degree attempted murder and attempted second degree robbery, as well as three special allegations that could send the previously-convicted felon back to prison for life.

Colusa County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Arismendez, along with Santrice Nicole Moon-Gomez, 20, after responding to a report of the shooting on Feb. 6.

Moon-Gomez’s attorney, Sukhrahj S. Pamma, also asked the court for a continuance while he works to get his client a plea deal with the District Attorney, before additional charges are filed that could significantly increase Moon-Gomez’s chances of going to prison.

Moon-Gomez has pleaded not guilty to a felony charge of second degree robbery.

Both are scheduled to appear in court at 1 PM on April 4. â– 

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