Tuesday, July 27, 2021


Man flees police after crashing into Colusa traffic signal, arrested

A Yuba City man who mistakenly believed he had outstanding warrants was arrested in Colusa after he crashed into the traffic signal on Bridge Street at Sioc Street while trying to evade a California Highway Patrol officer.

According to Colusa Police Sgt. Eldon Tamez, the Yuba City area office of the California Highway Patrol received a report of a reckless driver on Highway 20, heading toward Colusa from Yuba City on late Saturday morning. A California Highway Patrol officer spotted the car, which was being driven by Shawn Isaac Taplin, 36, Tamez said.

“Yuba City CHP sent a unit, who evidently located (Taplin) and was trying to catch up with him,” Tamez said. “(Talpin) made it to Colusa, tried to make that corner at a high rate of speed, lost control of the car and ran into the traffic light at the northwest corner of Bridge and Sioc” shearing the traffic signal pole off at the base.

The vehicle came to a rest on the sidewalk abutting the Shop N Save parking lot, facing in southerly direction – opposite the direction it had been traveling.

After the vehicle came to a rest, the suspect got out of the vehicle and fled on foot, before being pointed out by a passerby, Tamez added. 

“(A Colusa Police Officer) ended up arresting him in a yard a few blocks away,” Tamez said. “He said he ran because he thought he had a warrant, but when we checked, he was clear of any warrants. He did have a suspended driver’s license.” 

Talpin was arrested on suspicion of obstructing or resisting a public officer, hit and run causing property damage, driving with a suspended license, and disobeying a court order. He was booked into the Colusa County Jail, with his bail set at $5,000. â– 

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