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Convicted sex offender arrested after violating parole conditions

The Colusa County Probation Department arrested William Richard Wolfenbarger, 36, following a routine parole search at his residence in Williams on May 8.

“He was arrested for a violation of his post-release community supervision (PRCS),” said Colusa County Chief Deputy Probation Officer Gerry Munoz. “What that means is he was found with inappropriate stuff… It would have to be (sexual in nature), yes … We do regular checks on all the people on PRCS, and it’s important to our community that we do regular checks on these individuals.”

Munoz could not say at this time whether the inappropriate material discovered during the parole search involved minors.

“We took his devices and we’re still reviewing on that,” Munoz said. “We might have some information down the road for you, but not at this time.”

Wolfenbarger was arrested at 8:54 PM on May 8, and was arraigned in the Colusa County Superior Court on Thursday on a charge of violating a condition of his PRCS, relating to the disclosure of all email and internet accounts.

“It had to do with pictures and his email account,” said Colusa County Probation Chief Bill Fenton.

Wolfenbarger, a former Colusa County special education paraeducator, was convicted on March 22, 2017, after he pleaded guilty to single count of possessing sexually explicit images of children. He was arrested on the child pornography charge on August 29, 2016, by Colusa County Sheriff’s deputies, after the FBI uncovered approximately 4,000 images on his personal computer of minors under the age of 18 engaged in or simulating sexual activity, including at least 10 images of children under the age of 12.

Law enforcement initiated the child pornography investigation in February 2016 after Wolfenbarger was arrested for violating California’s “Peeping Tom” law by recording a minor in a state of undress on two occasions. The District Attorney’s office never filed charges in relation to that incident, instead focusing on the investigation into Wolfenbarger’s apparent predilection for child pornography, officals said.

Following his plea, he was sentenced to serve two years in state prison. He was released on parole after serving one year of his sentence.

Wolfenbarger is due to appear in court Wednesday, May 16 to admit or deny that he violated the conditions of his parole. ■

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