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Task Force arrests two after Arbuckle search warrants

Three Arbuckle residents were arrested following a pair of search warrants executed by the Colusa County Narcotics Taskforce on Tuesday, Aug. 28.

According to Taskforce Sgt. Michael Bradwell, warrants were served at two homes – one on the 400 block of Tacitus Street, the other on the 1000 block of Nelson Ave. All three arrests were made at the Tacitus Street address, he said.

Among those arrested were David Thomas Geyer, 32, Saul Alonzo Anguiano Carmona, 35, and Samantha Renee Allred, 21, all of Arbuckle. Geyer was arrested for possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine), possession of controlled substance paraphernalia, and violation of a court order. His bail was set at $5,000. He is also being held on a warrant for hit and run causing property damage, with bail for that charge set at $20,000. Carmona was arrested for resisting or delaying a peace officer, with his bail set at $5,000. Allred was arrested for possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine).

They were arrested at 3:20 PM on Aug. 28.

The warrant served on the1000 block of Nelson Ave. was also drug related, Bradwell said, but no arrests were made.

“We did find paraphernalia and seize other items, but we didn’t take anyone to jail,” Bradwell said.

Paraphernalia and unprescribed pills located at Nelson address, and methamphetamine and controlled substance paraphernalia found at the Tacitus Street residence, he added. In total, six pipes, 11.23 grams of methamphetamine, miscellaneous unprescribed pills and a number of electronic devices were seized. Bradwell said the methaphetamine could have a street value of up to $1,132. While the amount of methamphetamine found during the search warrant could be consistent with sales, Geyer and Allred were not charged with possession of a controlled substance for sale because of a lack of corroborating evidence – such as scales or packaging – at the residence, Bradwell said.

The Taskforce had noticed a trend of methamphetamine users possessing more for personal use, he added.

“I think with newer generation, larger amounts are becoming more common for personal use. There’s so much of it around, costs have been driven down slightly, and we’ve seen an increase in amounts across the board,” Bradwell said.

Bradwell said that during the search warrant, he received information that Arbuckle Elementary School had gone on lock-down. After contacting the Colusa County Sheriff’s School Resource Officer, he determined that wasn’t the case.

Bradwell said that the community plays a critical role in the Taskforce’s operations, and said that the inter-agency body appreciates their help.

“Speaking for the Taskforce, I want to thank the community for their support and assistance in these investigations,” Bradwell said.

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