Tuesday, July 27, 2021


Car theft, not home burglaries a concern in Williams

The behavior of strangers in a normally quiet neighborhood where everyone knows everyone may have seemed suspicious, but it didn’t trigger a report over the weekend to the Williams Police Department.

Several residents in the older part of town shared information on Facebook about a woman, accompanied by two men in a gray car, who knocked on doors and peered into yards on Friday, sparking concern that homes were possibly being “cased” to see if residents were away, and came with a warning to residents to be vigilant.

One resident said the young woman actually seemed startled when the homeowner answered the door, and the woman nervously explained that she was looking for the home of a friend, before getting back in the car and speeding away.

The incidences, whether innocent or nefarious, were not reported to the Williams Police Department so no patrol was offered, according to Police Sgt. Steve Woldanski. One burglary, however, was reported to have occurred at a business, located at 650 E Street on Sunday.

While Williams residents seem cautious of strangers in their neighborhoods, they continues to be lax when it comes to securing their vehicles, which continue to trigger multiple theft reports to the police.

“It’s a recurring problem,” Wodanski said.

Woldanski said unlocked cars are easy targets for people to riffle through in hopes of finding anything of value to steal, and keys left inside the vehicle makes the car, itself, a target for theft.

“You need to secure your homes and lock your car,” Wodanski said. “That is the best advice to pass around.”

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